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XL report is not working on office 2010

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Hi All our client is having an issue with running her xl reports
they have upgraded to SAP8.81 PL 05
" When I run it under Administrator as well as the user on the Terminal Server it opens the XLreporter, when I double-click a file as Administrator I get an error saying u201CSecurity Settings in Microsoft Excel prohibit XL reporter from running.u201D
When I double-click to open a file under the user on her computer I get the COM-Addin error. I then opened Excel and went through the process of adding the IXXLReporter.dll add-in and I am unable to add it under Faldeelau2019s Excel. Faldeela is a member of the Administrators group.
As far as running the XLReporter on her PC it does not open at allu2026.
Its MS Office 2010 Standard 32-Bit "
He did try the following:
In Excel 2010 , goto File, Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Protected View, Under the Data Execution Prevention option, untick the "Enable Data Execution Prevention mode".
You may try following...File->Options->Trust Center (at the left hand side column)->Trust Center settings->Macro Settings
Click on the radio button for "Enable all macros (not recommended, potentially dangerous code can run).
Also tick on the check box for "Trust access to the VBA project object model".
Next go to
File->Options->Add-Ins (at the left hand side column), you will see "manage" at the bottom, there from the drop down select
"COM Add-ins " ->Go In Add-Ins available list, please check if XL reporter is there or not. It should be there.to run XL reporter.
If not, There is a file ComAddIn_per_User_RegKey.reg to run. You may find it under XLR folder.


You may need to check the detail of the file ComAddIn_per_User_RegKey.reg. Find the key tree to see it is proper or not. This key has to be included in the user registry for each new user/excel combination.

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