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WRT120N- Cannot reset default settings

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I've browsed the forums for a possible solution to this problem.  I've tried holding the reset button for 30 sec/1min, followed by powering down for the same amount of time.  I've also tried pinging the default, and got a few messages of "Destination cannot be reached" before the message of request timed out.
I set the router to be a wireless access point on my school network, but the network is not recognizing the modem as part of its system.  I'm hoping to start the process from scratch (I've set up numerous routers in the same manner, this one is causing me lots of problems).  Any advice? 


Do not connect the modem to the router...Only connect the computer to the router.Disable the firewall and anti-virus on the computer...Hard-reset the router again.power cycle the router...On the computer assign the static ip address,subnet and gateway as,go to the command prompt and try ping the gateway again...

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