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Word Document as background?

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Hi, i would like to know if there is a possible way to get a document i created to be the background of my display. Is this possible?


Hi ckyo01,
Do the following:
1. Fire up the document you created in Word
2. From the menubar select File->Print
3. In the Print dialog box that appears click on the PDF button (bottom left)
4. Save the document somewhere logical to you. In this case the Pictures folder is as good as any.
5. Quit Word
6. Click on the desktop to make it active and then right click on it (Ctrl+Click)
7. In the submenu that appears select Change Desktop Backround
8. In the Desktop & Screensaver window that appears select the Pictures Folder in the left hand pane and then the document you saved in the right hand pane.
That should be it. You should now have a desktop backround that you created.
EDIT: Woopsie... by the time I posted my answer it was already umm... answered

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