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Why use interfaces?

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What is the point in interfaces?
I understand that you can use them to ensure a class implements certain methods. Why does this need to be done?
Do they have any other use?
thank you


Interfaces are used for a number of reasons. Consider:
1. Java is a strongly-typed language which means that any when a method is called on an Object (non-reflectively), at compile-time that method must be known to exist on the Object.
2. Java does not support multiple-inheritance.
Now, suppose you decide to implement the Event model. Interfaces are a very powerful way of allowing you to do this. Providing an abstract superclass that has an abstract actionPerformed() method would suffice, but be unnecessarily restrictive (lack of multiple inheritance). So why not define an interface as a "type"? The Object which is being listened to can inform its listeners via this method. It is excellent for encapsulation as the listened-to object is unable to invoke anything else on the listener other than actionPerformed() (or whatever) and cannot do anything naughty that you don't want it to.
A fundamental principal of OO is to separate interface and implementation. What better way that to make interface and implementation a fundamental part of the language?
Also consider:
You have a massive application that uses Set-like objects all over the place. In your code, when creating new ones and passing around references you do so by the class HashSet (and explicitly constructing them). Supose on switching-on your App you find that it performs like a dog and identify that it is poor HashSet performance at fault. You decide to buy-in a superfast Set-like object from a vendor. Oh dear, you have to do a global search-and-replace on all of your code. Had you used Factories and interfaces, though you would have...
public class CollectionFactory {
  public static java.util.Set newSet() { return new HashSet(); }
//and the implementation...
public void myMethod() {
  Set s = CollectionFactory.newSet();
  //pass the INTERFACE Set around
}You now only have to change ONE line to switch implementations. Super! Note this is the entire point of the J2EE specification. Sun define APIs that handle database-connectivity, server-side processing (Servlets) etc etc. and you and I are free to buy the implementation from whichever vendor we prefer.

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