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Why is the battery draining so fast?

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Everything in safari is shut down, all multi-tasking is turned off too. My phone is only 7 months old & has worked fine up until today when I noticed the battery draining so fast.


@ neeraj_96 - Thanks for the input, but that's not the issue.  As I was saying in my reply, my phone has had a wonderful battery life up until yesterday. This has nothing to do with turning off fetching or lowering my brightness.  I have done no major changes in the settings to my iPhone since yesterday, but now all the sudden I can barely hold a charge.  I completely charged it last night to 100%.  This morning I woke up and it was at 56%.  My wife has an iPhone 4, hers was at 96% and this morning it is at 91%.  Something is definitely up with my phone's battery that is not a normal operation.
I have tried to do a complete reboot of the phone (holding the power button and the home key down for 10 seconds) and that has not solved the problem.  I would suspect that it's an application running in the background, but I figured, as @williamformlouisville stated, that would have killed any rouge application draining my battery, but it has not helped.  This is definitely not normal for this phone's operation.

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