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Why is my music not listed correctly?

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I've been having this problem for some time now and it's been getting very annoying. The thing is, when looking at my artists, songs or albums in the music app on my iPod (4th gen, running iOS 6.0.1), some titles would be under the correct letter, and then there would be a random letter in the alphabet with 1 artist under it. Then, it would go back to the previous letter. If you don't understand, here's a photo example:
It seems that every time I add a new artist or a new song by a pre-existing artist on my iPod, it gets out of order. Wasn't sure where to go first, so I thought I'd come here and, if no luck, I'll take it to the Genius Bar. I hope somebody can help me with this issue! Thanks.


Your feed is at http://www.mothermusic.nl/podcast/JaguarPodcast.xml
It has 13 episodes, all of which show in the iTunes Store. However episode 13 has no date and so appears out of order; the only possible reason I can see for this is that in your 'pubDate' tag you have a comma after 2014, which is strictly not correct.
The media file URL for this episode is
and there is no file at this address.
The Podcast Image appears correctly on the Store page, and the media file for episode 12 has an embedded image. There is of course no image for episode 13 when subscribing because there is no file there.
If you have a question about your own podcast (as opposed to playing other people's) it's best to ask in the Producing Podcasts forum.

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