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White spot on Retina Display

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Ordered directly from Apple Store and discovered white spot. Sent email to apple support and had a return call within minutes. Talked to software support first and after a brief description transferred me to sales who after explaining the issue said they would send out a new one which was shipped two days later. Phone support was incredible. Was on the phone for less than 15 min and very happy with the solution. For those wondering I did not see the spot until making the background white. Does not show with other background pictures.


I think we have the same issue. I bought my Macbook rpo retina last sept 2012. I jsut discovered it recently as I often watch Tv shows on my ipad3. I happened to watch a tv show in my mbpr lately and saw this tiny white flickering dot on the top left corner of my display. I see it only intermittently meaning in some instances you see it sometimes not. It only happens when in full screen using QT player. If I minimize it and back to ful scrn, the dot disappears. After few mins it may or may not show up.
I brought it to apple customer service and they cantĀ  duplicate the issue. I told them its random and they should wait for it. They said theyve been watching tv shows in full scrn for 2 days already and it didnt happen. I even showed themĀ  video clips - I record the tiny dot flickering using my iPhone - but still they cant reproduce the issue. After I brought it back home, I immediately watch a TV show and see it once again. It dosappears once you minimize it and returning to full scrn mode the flickering disappears.
So I thought Why would it disappear once I minimize it? If its hardware then it should be there all the time! and so I use VLC player instead to check if it would happen as well. for sevral days, I used vlc player to watch all movies/videos and IT DID NOT HAPPEN AT ALL! There is no tiny white dot flickering with VLC! and so I thought maybe this is firmware or driver...and so when the macbook pro has an update recently about 2.0 something...I thought it would resolve the issue but it didnt.
I have inserted a copy of the flickering tiny white dot...

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