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White question mark inside quicktime logo

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I used to be able to open a video attachment in email by clicking on it. Now when I do that I get "loading" and nothing happens.
Then I get the quicktime logo with a white question mark in the middle.  If I download the video I cn see it, but if I try to see it
from the email I have to down load again - putting another copy in download. Can I fix this?


None of the videos at that site worked for me. Looking through the page code I couldn't find a URL for the QuickTime files.
Only the page author can fix it.
QTKirk, source code appears to be pre-cached by previous web page before jumping to this page. In any case, the streaming server appears to be down or at least off-line when you try to access the video stream directly which probably explains both the displayed question mark and the "now you see it—now you don't" nature of access mentioned by the OP here.

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