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Which version of photo is being imported.

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I picked up the MacBook Air so that I could more easily work on my computer when in transit. I do some light editing of photos in iPhoto on the MacBook Air (mostly changing the exposure and eliminating shadows), and had believed that when I had edited the photos, I would move them to my iMac and MacBook Pro. Well I did some edits of a large number of photos, and life has been much easier carrying around the much smaller MacBook Air to do the minor edits. I then exported the photos (using File -> Export Photos) to an external hard drive, and then using the import in iPhoto, I imported the photos from the external hard drive to the iPhoto library on my iMac and MacBook Pro.
The problem is that when looking at the imported photos, they do not look like the edited versions whatsoever. They are dark as if I did not adjust the exposure or shadows. It makes me believe that what was exported and imported were the original photo files and not the modified files.
So my question is whether when exporting the files to an external hard drive and then importing, does iPhoto only work with the original file and not the modified/edited file? If that is the case, that is extremely disappointing as the ability to edit photos on the MacBook Air and then export those edited photos to my other macs was the main reason I purchased the MacBook Air. I don't want to have to edit these pictures on numerous occasions.


Depends entirely on what you choose to export:
File -> Export Photo
Will export The current version, the original, a jpeg, tiff or png. All of them will be the edited version except the Original.
If you want to move all your versions between Libraries check out iPhoto Library Manager

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