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Whats the best way to import video clips from FCP into a personal template

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Hey all, I'm doing some tests. I see some color shifting going on when I export out of FCP using QT conversion (same settings as sequence), Importing into Motion, then adding lower third graphics, then exporting out of Motion .... and finally back to FCP. I put the new graphic added layer on top and have the original on bottom. I toggle the monitor on both layers and see a slight saturation drop on the graphic layer. Has anyone noticed that ?
The reason Im doing this is because lets say I have lower thirds that I want to place throughout a hour show. I want to set-up a basic lower third template and just plug in the video clips for the areas that I need those graphics. It would be way to difficult to export out of the timeline in FCP
and rebuild those lower thirds everytime in Motion. Does anyone know of a better way or does everyone have to export out to the desktop and then into Motion every time they want to use a Motion template.
Thanks to any replies.


Try roundtripping from FCP to Motion and back using Send to Motion. In FCP, Control Click your clip>Send To>Motion Project. The clip will open in Motion with the proper project properties. Make your edits there, press Save, and then render back in FCP. No exporting necessary, although you might see a gamma shift. Much easier.
To do this with an existing Motion template, I'd try copying and pasting in that template's contents once you've sent to Motion from FCP.

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