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What is better for home movie editing, ipad or mac book?

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i have a panasonic hdc-sd90 camcorder and my current laptop is woefully underpowered to run any of the hd editing software so i have been thinking of an upgrade and this seems to be a good reason to do so.  I also am self employed and require software that i can do basic invoicing on a spreadsheet.  I like the idea of portablilty so the ipad is appealing but i don't know if it is powerful enough to enable me to edit my home movies adequately, plus the exporting issues that seem to come with the ipad (although i have heard there are apps you can get that help with this and printing documents as well from the ipad would be an advantage)  If the new ipad is not able to edit the home movies then what mac book would be best for my needs?
i am relatively new to apples products and growing gradually more frustrated with windows based pc's as time goes on, hence the temptation to switch to apple.


Light weight basic needs, power miser - MacBook Air (glossy screens)
Semi-light weight basic needs, more storage, DVD drive, hot machine (no 3D gaming) - 13" MacBook Pro (glossy screens)
Bit heavier, pro needs, 3D gaming, cool machine, power hungry, - 15" MacBook Pro  (anti-glare screen option, recommended)
Same as above, larger screen for HD video, cool machine,  power hungry, 17" MacBook Pro (anti-glare screen option, recommended)

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