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Weird error message on bootup - T400, Win7-64

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On bootup, after I can see my desktop, I get a "DOS looking" window that shows up momentarilyin "overlay" mode  that says
"Lenovo service trigger v0.1.
Event registered successfully
Start event successfully raised
Unregister rrservice provider successfully!"
After quite a number of these on bootup, a compete diagnostics run apparently started up spontaneously and everything apparently checked out okay.  I do not know if the two are related. 
When I Googled "Lenovo service trigger" I got 2 hits, one in German and one in Chinese, so they were no help because I can read neither.
No other obvious problems associated with this; it is just annoying.
Anyone know what might be going on here?
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please apologize. It's a bad habit to call every TVT (ThinkVantage Technology) with the shortcuts.
Yes, you are right, RnR means Rescue and recovery.
In you situation do following:
- go to registry:
- press CTRL+F and start the search for
- this will search the registry for the installation informations on Rescue and recovery. Once you will find the correct key,(you will detect it then, when on the left side will be the display name "Rescue and Recovery")
- on the same page you will see the key called "UninstallString"
- copy the value of this key. In case there is an "/X" or similar, then remove it , because this means uninstall and execute the command( go to Start->Run and paste here the command)
This should start the Rescue and Recovery Installer and you should see there the options to reinstall this application.
I would not advice to do an upgrade directly. Firest try to reinstall Rescue and Recovery, and if that one does not work, then try the upgrade to the latest version of Rescue and Recovery.
Let me know, any update.

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