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Web page image quality to printer

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I have an Epson cx7800 which I have aligned and cleaned the heads.
The image quality of the print from my G5 iMac to the printer is sort of like a double image of the colored text (for instance, the word DVD will be printed twice, in a blurry fashion, in red and yellow). When I just copy a page from the printer, the quality is fine. It's just the images I'm getting from the Mac to the printer that are poor.
I get this same problem when I print a CD cover from iTunes.
Is there any way I can improve these images?


Suggest that you contact Epson by phone, email and/or check out their Epson cx7800 Troubleshooting Guide link for answers. Did the printer come with a manual?
You posted no system info. Therefore, I also suggest that you also cross-post in one of the "Printer Forums" of whichever OS you are using.
Good luck!

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