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Virtualbox(PUEL) 3.1.6 Host-Only Adaptor connectivity problems

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Hi there! I'm a new Arch Linux user and i'm LOVING it ... I've hit one problem I can't seem to get Host-Only Adaptor networking working with VirtualBox (PUEL) with any virtual machines e.g. VM's can't communicate to anything Host machine, router etc, I've set static addresses for all my Vitual machines.
(Host machine)
# Settings for layer-2 bridges
# For each bridge interface declared in INTERFACES (in rc.conf), declare
# a bridge_${IF} variable that contains the real ethernet interfaces that
# should be bridged togeether.
# Then list the bridge interface name in the BRIDGE_INTERFACES array.
# example:
# in /etc/rc.conf:
# eth0="eth0 up"
# eth1="eth1 up"
# br0="br0 netmask up"
# INTERFACES=(lo eth0 eth1 br0)
# in /etc/conf.d/bridges
bridge_br0="eth0 vbox0"
#bridge_br0="eth0 eth1"
(Host Machine)
# /etc/rc.conf - Main Configuration for Arch Linux
# LOCALE: available languages can be listed with the 'locale -a' command
# HARDWARECLOCK: set to "UTC" or "localtime", any other value will result
# in the hardware clock being left untouched (useful for virtualization)
# TIMEZONE: timezones are found in /usr/share/zoneinfo
# KEYMAP: keymaps are found in /usr/share/kbd/keymaps
# CONSOLEFONT: found in /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts (only needed for non-US)
# CONSOLEMAP: found in /usr/share/kbd/consoletrans
# USECOLOR: use ANSI color sequences in startup messages
# MOD_AUTOLOAD: Allow autoloading of modules at boot and when needed
# MOD_BLACKLIST: Prevent udev from loading these modules
# MODULES: Modules to load at boot-up. Prefix with a ! to blacklist.
# NOTE: Use of 'MOD_BLACKLIST' is deprecated. Please use ! in the MODULES array.
#MOD_BLACKLIST=() #deprecated
MODULES=(!snd-pcm-oss bridge vboxdrv vboxnetflt vboxnetadp)
# Scan for LVM volume groups at startup, required if you use LVM
# HOSTNAME: Hostname of machine. Should also be put in /etc/hosts
# Use 'ifconfig -a' or 'ls /sys/class/net/' to see all available interfaces.
# Interfaces to start at boot-up (in this order)
# Declare each interface then list in INTERFACES
# - prefix an entry in INTERFACES with a ! to disable it
# - no hyphens in your interface names - Bash doesn't like it
# DHCP: Set your interface to "dhcp" (eth0="dhcp")
# Wireless: See network profiles below
eth0="eth0 up"
br0="dhcp" # Maybe you have some static configuration; change to fit
INTERFACES=(eth0 br0)
#Static IP example
#eth0="eth0 netmask broadcast"
# eth0="dhcp"
gateway="default gw"
# Routes to start at boot-up (in this order)
# Declare each route then list in ROUTES
# - prefix an entry in ROUTES with a ! to disable it
gateway="default gw"
# Enable these network profiles at boot-up. These are only useful
# if you happen to need multiple network configurations (ie, laptop users)
# - set to 'menu' to present a menu during boot-up (dialog package required)
# - prefix an entry with a ! to disable it
# Network profiles are found in /etc/network.d
# This now requires the netcfg package
# Daemons to start at boot-up (in this order)
# - prefix a daemon with a ! to disable it
# - prefix a daemon with a @ to start it up in the background
DAEMONS=(syslog-ng !network hal networkmanager openntpd dnsmasq netfs crond sshd alsa dbus gdm lp parport parport_pc cups)
Guest Machine Slitaz
Static ip =
I need to use VirtualBox on an almost daily basis for work... I would highly appreciate you help so thanks in advance!


Hi, I'm not sure I fully understand your issue.
Are you telling VirtualBox don't allow you to add a Host-Only Adaptor via main menu File -> Net -> Add button? I once hit this problem and was lost some days because I come from the *buntu-land and all this configuration was nearly automatic there. If this is your problem you should first download and install the rigth AUR package, tha one working for me is virtualbox_bin now at latest version 3.1.8-1, you will need to install also virtualbox-additions. After you installed VirtualBox follow the instructions provided by packagers:
- Run "vbox_build_module" as root every time your kernel is upgraded, to
  compile the module for the new kernel version.
- Add your user to the vboxusers group:
     gpasswd -a USERNAME vboxusers
- Add "vboxdrv" to the MODULES array in your "/etc/rc.conf"
- Add "vboxnetflt" to MODULES if you want Host Interface networking.
- Add "vboxnetadp" to MODULES if you want Host-Only networking.
- If USB does not work for you out-of-the-box, add the following line
  to "/etc/fstab":
     none /proc/bus/usb usbfs auto,busgid=108,busmode=0775,devgid=108,devmode=0664 0 0
Once you do that you'll be smoooooth 8-D

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