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Video clips from FCP to website

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We want to post 30 2-3min video clips on our business web site and will continue to do this on a ongoing basis.
The process is for me to export as a QT file, post it on our server for our webmaster who will covert to flash and will then post on our website. (She has the software so she'll do it for now).
My big question is when exporting the clip out of FCP I will go to:
QT conversion,go to QT movie-options-settings-and dial down compression to medium(in the interest of saving space)??
go to QT conversions-most recent settings-and select Broadband medium or Streaming medium. Or something other??
Hopefully someone is doing something similar to this on a regular basis as I will be doing and can advise as to the best way they found to go.
Thanks Kosmc4


What you don't want to do is compress more than one time. So the best way to do this is choose file/export/QuickTime Movie... then choose use current settings and include audio and video if both are needed. Also check on "Make movie self contained". This is a single QT movie of your short videos... and it is of the highest quality possible. But it's a large file compared to what you've been suggesting. However... it will end up being compressed to flash and that final should look better because you didn't compress it twice.
That said, it's really making sense to me for YOU to make the flash movie directly from your edit station... You'll need either Flash pro, or Sorenson Squeeze or Episode Pro to do the best job of this. That way you're only compressing one time too.

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