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Verizon is Capping Internet Speed/Service for "Unlimited" Customers

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Some recent news has been brought to my attention by Verizon Wireless' customer service department, and I think that given the severity of Verizon Wireless’ continued breach of contract to Internet customers, this matter should be brought to everyone else's attention as well.
I originally purchased a Verizon Wireless USB Internet Card in 2007. I was offered a plan that entitled me to an “Unlimited Internet Usage Allowance”. I kept the same wireless Internet device for two years and never acquired any issues or concerns. On January 20th, 2010, I went into a Verizon store and was offered a free upgrade to the new MiFi Mobile HotSpot. I was told that I could test the product for 30 days to make sure that it worked to my standards and my Internet needs. It worked perfectly. I used it for multiple computers in my home, as well as work and travel. 
My problem with the Verizon MiFi began on October 21st, 2010 when my Internet suddenly became extremely slow and unable to access any web pages without minutes of waiting. I continued to call customer service and go into the Verizon stores throughout the month in hopes that someone could find a ‘glitch’ and solve my issue of what soon became No Internet access. I did all this with patience and good faith, as I have continued to pay $60 a month for “High speed 3G” service. Two weeks ago, I took the MiFi device into the store and requested a new device since it became entirely defective. My new device arrived in the mail and I have still spent the last week going through the ring-around circus of Tech support and the only logic they can come up with is, "Either the device is defective or my computer is too old."  This is not the case, as I recently purchased a new laptop.
What I discovered was that Verizon neglected to inform me for the past two months that I had gone over my "undisclosed usage threshold" (Even though I pay for Unlimited Allowance) and now my internet speed has been capped and I am unable to access the Internet. I spent 4 hours on the phone yesterday and weaved my way into a small department called "AIT" which is supposedly a new sub-contracted company that is suppose to help negotiate my "situation". They of course are closed, and my numerous voice mails will most likely never be returned.
At this point, I am still paying for something that does not work, and Verizon has taken it upon themselves to decide "how often" I can use the internet. This was not disclosed to me in my contract that I signed in Jan 2010, when I continued my Wireless plan for "unlimited usage allowance."
I want everyone to be aware of this, before they head out this holiday season and spend hundreds of dollars on a Verizon Wireless Internet Device, and eventually will have to deal with the same nonsense I'm currently going through right now!


I started with one of the few unlimited plans back in 2008- They kept telling me to "hang on to it- cause it won't be around for long!" So I did and when I upgraded my device- everything worked great for 7 months. I started using it more frequently as a hot spot for more than one computer, we're talking email, web browsing and paying bills- Not Xbox360 for 24 hours a day or fownloading 10 videos a day!? I don't even know how to do that!?!
 And the first month we went over- we got capped! Now it runs at about a quarter of the speed. Which was never disclosed to me. And to think- they market this MiFi 2200 as a hotspot for up to 5 computers??? I can only imagine how quickly people are being capped.

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