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Dear Verizon,
My parents pay for this verizon plan for our home and wireless devices. I love verizon becuase of the products and services it provides, but I really have a few areas of confusion. First, we pay a TON of money every month for "up to 75 down/75 upload speeds". What I do not understand is why I am getting 15 down and 18 up WHEN WE SPECIFICALLY PAY TO HAVE FASTER SPEEDS. I live in an area very capable of getting those speeds, and when I go online to try to find a phone number where I can call someone to help, I literally cannot find anything but this forum. 
This brings me to my second question...
If Verizon really cares about customer feedback and making sure their customers are satisfied, then how come they LITERALLY HAVE NO WAY OF CONTACTING THEM WHATSOEVER. An automated machine only includes the options that is convenient for their employees to answer (and simplistic preanswered questions/topics), so it gives them the leverage when trying to fix an easily fixable problem. If I can describe my problem in one sentence and I'm just a college student, Verizon engineers/ professionals should have the time and minimal expertise to listen to me so we can get what we pay for. Thats it, I'm not even demanding undeserved services, I WANT WHAT I PAY FOR. 
And this is a company worth 303 BILLION DOLLARS. That is 45% of the United State's national deficit as of 2013 (est. 680 Billion)


Here are a couple of points for your consideration:
1. Although this forum is monitored by Verizon administrators (or whatever you want to call them) they seldom show their faces here.   There is no form of techincal or general support offered here except that which other Verizon users (like me) offer.
2. You will find many postings here about problems with overall Internet speeds. The bottom line is there are many causes for this; some are the fault of Verizon, and some are not.  Again, in general, if you want to measure your upload and download speed you shoudl do it from a hard-wired computer and definitely not a WiFi connected one, and you should do it when no one else in your home is using the Internet for anything.  This includes a PC running something like Carbonite or anything else doing "background" data transfers.
3. You will also find many posting here about people having problems with or being disappointed with Verizon's customer service. As  long time Verizon customer myself I've come to the conclusion that this is just a fact of life. My sense is that, in general, people dislike telecomm companies almost as much as they dislike insurance companies.  But that's just my impression.
4. In general I've found FIOS to be the best quality service available in the US - outside of the special fiber networks Google is installing in limited locations. Verizon service is, of course, quite expensive. So as the saying goes, "You pays your money and takes your choice." Verizon is well known for offering better deals to new customers than it offers to existing ones; again, this has simply become a fact of life.
5. On the few occasions I've had to deal with Verizon tech support people I've always been happy with the results. It is not easy to reach them, but it is possible.  The automated phone system will ultimately get you to a live person, but it does take a while.  My best results have been finding a local tech in a truck working somewhere else in my neighborhood.

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