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Verizon Fios business internet speeds. Higher then 150/35?

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Does anybody know if Verizon offers anything higher then 150/35 business internet speeds? I called them on the phone and all I got from them is "Oh I don't know if there is anything higher you'll have to call this number" and It will not let me call that number if I don't have an account number. So does anybody on here know if they have anything higher then 150/35 for a fios line. I mean I would think they would its fiber?


lou61166 wrote:
No at the moment this is the highest bandwith they offer,not available in all areas even where fios is,it has to be ordered as a stand alone,no bundles offered,would require you to upgrade your ONT,and router.if you already have Fios.
You can now add it to bundles in those area that have it.

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