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Using the Login Channel to login to a new domain.

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I currently have a domain that is setup for anonymous login. I have the iwtLoginProvider channel on the desktop for the anonymous user. I have setup the Login Channel to authenticate to a NT server and this is working correctly. What I want to do is when the user is authenticated I want them to be authenticated and transfered to a different domain. The other domain is a secure domain that uses NT authentication for verification.
So domain Alpha is setup for anonymous login. On the desktop for Alpha is the login Channel. When the user logs in using the loginChannel I want them to be logging into domain Bravo, and for them to see that domain and their secure information for Bravo.
Anyone got any ideas on how to do this? I have tried the following in the GET/POST call of the display.html for the iwtLoginProvider channel.
login/NT?domain=/<mydomain>&arg=newsession login?goto=<URL>


A better option might be to write a custom auth module that invokes ogin/NT?domain=/<mydomain>&arg=newsession login?goto=<URL> and then call that custom module from the iwtLoginProvider instead of having the login provider call do the GET/POST ..
HTH ..

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