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Using a shuttle to update the status of a record

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I'm using JHeadstart 10.1.3. What I need to do is allow the users to select a record(s) that need to have it's status updated to show it's been rejected. I would like to acomplish this by using a shuttle, listing all the records that haven't been rejected and then allowing the user to shuttle over the records that require to have the status set to rejected. So essentialy, the two shuttle VO's would be for the same entity. On moving a record over from one shuttle to another all I want to happen is for the status of the record to change. This doesn't really seem to fit the mould of either a parent-shuttle or an intersection-shuttle :(
Do I have to abandon the idea of using a shuttle and revert to something else ? If not the shuttle, what else would best serve my purpose here ? Can JHeadstart generate a tableSelectMany component ?


What's the link between Printing the Smartform and Updating the HU status?
Generally Smartform is used to print the Output of Packing Slip,?
You mean after packing is over you have to Modify the handling Unit status?
then you have to find the status of packing and based on that field you have to modify the JU status.

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