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User profiles being created on the CAS

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After a recent disk space warning i noticed that under the C:\Users folder there are a large number of user profiles in there. There is really nothing in the profiles except for shortcuts that show up for any account created. Now i know there should be one for each account that actually logs into the server however all my users are getting folders in here, not just the admins who log in.
We have 2 CAS servers load balanced running on Server 2008 Sp1 64 bit.
The creation dates of these folders very from the day we went live with exchange 2007 to yesterday. There are different user folders on each of the 2 CAS servers.
Each user folder shows up in the User profiles app as: Name "domainname\username" Size "2.89MB" Type "Local" Status "Local".
I did notice that my user account as well as some of the other IT staff user accounts do not have folders in here and we user Outlook 07 and Webmail.
We do have some users using Outlook 03 as well.
The CAS is not doing anything other then running as a CAS\hub transport roll.
Any thoughts on why this is happening or is this normal?
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Its nice to know it's not just me.
I am curious though as to why this is happening, why some users have a folder and some don't and what the purpose is. While this doesn't really hurt anything it is taking up over 200MB of space on the C drive of each of my CAS servers.
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