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USB Mic Shows up but not working

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I have a USB mic to be used for dictation. When I had Tiger it would show up and when I would select it as an input device I would get "bars" on the sound control panel, but never really worked for recording. Now on Snow Leopard it shows up on my device list, but I can't actually use it as an input or output device, no sound comes out. It is a Philips SpeechMike II and I know that they don't have a mac driver. However, I didn't know if anybody has any suggestions to get it to work. It is essentially the only thing left that doesn't work on my Mac (vs a work PC). I have tried the Linein software with no success. Any suggestions??? Thanks.


Does it show up in the "Input" tab of "Sound" system preference? If you move the volume slider to the right, does sound make the bars move? You can record with QuickTime Player. Select "New Audio Recording" in its "File" menu. Move the volume slider to the right in the recording window to hear the microphone.

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