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US iPhone5 to be used in UK

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I searched to the forum and didn't find the exact answer to my quesiton (s), though I did find similar questions, so apologies if this has been asked before.
I will be studying in the UK for four years, and then likely living over there afterwards.  In a few weeks I will be purchasing an unlocked iPhone 5 from an Apple store here in the US and will then be leaving for the UK in September.  The reason that I am purchasing the phone in the US is that I will not have a bank account right away and can only take a certain amount of money into the country; it is easier for me to purchase a phone in the US (and faster).
So, once I have my unlocked iPhone 5, what steps do I take to use it in the UK?  Am I correct that I need a sim card?  If I purchase a sim card for UK use, will my phone work in the UK for texting, internet browsing, etc.?  Thank you for help.
Also, I have a US iTunes account; can I continue to use this in the UK, as I have a valid US bank account and address.  And, once I start up my UK bank account and have my student residence, can I also use the UK iTunes store?  Once again, thanks for any help


Yes, you will need to purchase a sim card in the UK to be able to use your iPhone, but there are lots of phone companies that sell them - 02, Vodafone, 3, EE, Orange, T-Mobile and Tesco Mobile.  They should all do sim only deals.
There are 2 problems that you will have for sure though and one is the warranty if you purchase your phone in the US.  iPhone warranty is NOT international, so if you purchase in the US, your warranty is only valid for the US, so if anything goes wrong with your phone in the UK, then you will have a problem that stores may refuse to help you or can't help you because your phone was purchased in the US and you will need to send it back there to a friend or relative who can then get it repaired for you.
Also, if you purchase an iPhone 5, you have the problem of LTE/4G compatibility, that although your phone will work in the UK, you won't get 4G because the networks are different in the US and UK, so if you want to use 4G, then you'll have to buy a phone in the UK.
What I would say to you is that if you are coming to the UK in September and are going to be staying here for a 4 year period, then wait until you get to the UK in September and go to an Apple store in the UK and buy an iPhone from there.  It will save you no end of problems rather than buying one in the US and then finding that you have no warranty cover and no access to 4G.
Wait until September and purchase an unlocked iPhone from a UK Apple store.

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