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URGENT:  Downloading P2 Files into Final Cut 2.1.4

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We shot 1080i 24p (I know this doesn't make sense, but it's what my cinematographer is calling it) with a Panasonic AG-HVX200 (don't know if it's the 'E').
She downloaded the files onto my hard drive, but when I try to import them into my Final Cut 2.1.4 via the P2 import, FCP says my file, "has an invalid directory structure. Please choose a folder whose directory structure matches the supported media."
From what I'm told, FCP 2.1.4 has the necessary Codecs? Other folks tell me they have imported P2 files without any problems.
Do I need to download directly from the camera into my system? Could my DP have made a mistake on her download into my hard drive?
Thanks, Ken


'Sorry, not true. This is if you are importing the clips from the camera, this has already been done. They have been converted into QTs so the P2 is no longer part of the equation.
Well then, you are importing improperly. You didn't say that they had already been converted into QTs. If this is the case, simply do a FILE>IMPORT and locate the quicktime files. You only use the IMPORT PANASONIC P2 when you are dealing with the cards or the files dumped off the cards.
You just did the wrong thing because you were unfamiliar with the process. No worries.
The problem is that you are working with FCP5 which was made 5 minutes after the camera went on the market.
FCP 5.0.4 was the first version to support Panasonic P2. I used it....but it was rife with issues. FCP 5.1 fixed these. FCP 6 went even further.
I suggest we re-import into your computer using the original media. Downgrading.'
Pardon? Hold on. If you already have the QT files, just import them via FILE>IMPORT>FIles...or Folder if they are all in one folder.
I intend to do 2 imports: one directly into my FCP 5.1.4, and a second into my hard drive as a back up to re-import at a later time when I get FCP 6.
Dude...WATCH THE TUTORIAL. Seriously. The process is: Offload the P2 cards onto hard drives. Import from those hard drive into FCP converting them into QT files that you store on your MEDIA drives. Now either archive the original hard drives with the original P2 card backups, or offload those onto other archive hard drives. No need to import twice.

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