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Unknown error (1604) help!

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lets start from the beginning...
for the last few days my ipod has been playing up, the touch screen keeps freezing and it is very slow, last night it simply stopped working and wouldn't turn on, so i plugged it into my computer and it told me to restore... i clicked restore and it began the process of restoring, but it then said there was an 'unknown error (1604)' and that the ipod could not be restored...
theres the story, now if anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated...


Dont necessarily wasnt to just keep adding to the string but I had the same problem and called Tech Support. Bottom line is that they told me to take it to a store and if they couldnt fix it they would replace it. Tech suooprt thought it had something to do with basic software corrupted. I would also retry to restore it and it would go through the process but I would have the same basic problem. Going to store tomorrow 3/15 and will let you know how I make out.

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