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Undesired Speck on iphone 3G screen

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Can anyone advise me, on the the best course of action I can take regarding a "speck" (fleck, spot etc.) of somekind that some how got on the LCD screen from the inside. It can go un-noticed if your not aware it's there, but I do and have over analyzed it and concluded that it must be some scratch-like or even dirt-like object that got lodged in between the glass at the factory at some point. As I said I suppose I can let it slide and hope it dissolves at some point (or not if it's scratch) I rather hear from someone here If taking this to Apple or the ATT store where I bought my phone will be a tough sell to demand a replacement or If I do have a reason to demand such or If this is not as rare and others have a smiliar issue. However as far as I can tell it is not a software issue. Thanks for any info!!


I went to Apple store today and was told by clerk a Tech would have final say on weather or not it's a defect and also they would try to solve issue before we even discussed exchange and since I did buy it at ATT if Genius Bar tech could not fix but did not deem it an issue, then I'd be alone when returning to ATT. Also here in SoCal there are no stock piles of iphone 3g so even if i was approved for exchange it would not be speedy. So in my case I might have to keep it considering there are worst issues out there with new iphone's.

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