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Unable to start Volume

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I recently setup a SAN Network consisting of an XServe G5 & XServe RAID 3.5TB. This is going to be for a video production studio. I have gigabit ethernet and fibre cables run. I sliced the 3.5TB into 2 slices and combined them to access the 2.73 TB using a RAID 5. My computers see the LUN's and everything. Yet when I go to start the volume I get the following error..
"annot get the IP address for hostname 'DPG5' -Invalid argument."
Now I am editing the SAN using the DPG5 so I don't understand why it can't get it's IP. I am using static IP's for the metadata network and they are all on the same subnet. Like I said I can see everyone and all but I can't start the volume. Any help would be appreciated.


I am going to stop answering myself I promise. If I go into terminal and do the ./fsm volumename it starts the volume and sits there, if I do a control C out of it the volume quits, but as long as I leave the terminal window open it will allow me to mount the volumes in Xsan Admin and run tests on the SAN, any ideas?

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