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Unable to see Airport Express from Windows Airport Utility

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I am setting up an Airport Express to connect remote speakers for a friend with windows base system. The router is a TrendNet.
I have managed to add the Airport Express to the network. I can ping the router, and if I put in the IP address to Airport Utility it is found and I can configure it. Airport Utility on it's own however will not find the Airport Express.
I can currently play to the Airport speakers from multiple iPhones also on the network, so I know that part is working as well. What is not working is the Airport Express is not showing up in iTunes as an available speaker. I am guessing that as the Airport Utility also will not recognize it that is had something to do with firewall rules on the Windows 7 computer or Trendnet Router.  I checked Windows 7, and there are four Bonjour entries and one iTunes entry. All seem set open for incoming requests.
At this point I'm puzzled. Any network gurus out there have new ideas?


I just ran both the verify and repair options on both the permissions and the volume. The ~/Library permissions are repaired, but that was all. I also checked the software update, but I have all the latest installed, it seems.
Where can I check my AirTunes version? I tried spotlighting for it, but that search came up empty. I did install the version that came with the AirPort Express. It says "AirPort 4.2", so I guess that's the version installed at the moment. My iTunes version is 7.0.2. I upgraded the firmware to version 6.3.
I have very little knowledge of networking, I'm afraid, and I'm starting to think that maybe the problem could be my router being set up in such a way that it won't allow the AirPort Express to connect properly.
The reason I believe it's my network rather than the AirPort Express is because when I reset the device, I see that new network named "Apple Network xxxxx". When I connect to it, iTunes properly displays that AirTunes selection box in the lower right and I can stream music to it. With the ethernet cable plugged in, the sound does lag every now and then whenever I use an applications that needs Internet access.
The MacBook, router and AirPort Express are about one to two meters apart (that's three to six feet, I think). I'm not quite sure if the SpeedTouch router is set up properly. Luckily, a friend of mine who's a system administrator is coming over today, so I'll ask him if he could have a look at my network setup.
Thanks for all the help and the fast replies! :^)
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