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Ubuntu with  Snow Leopard Setup?

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I am using a Mac Mini as my home server using Snow Leopard for AppleTV and printing
I Bootcamped the disk and installed Ubuntu.
I can boot either OS and run them with no problem.
I want Lion Server and Ubuntu on the same disk with the option to boot one or the other. I have Lion server on an iMac as the display for the mini. No problems.
Disk utility on the Mini will not let me change partition per Article: TS3926.
It shows the following partition structure:
DISKOS1 about 200MB
Macintosh HD at 99GB
UBUNTU at 9.02BG
DISKOS4 at 108.37 MB (funny DU shows GB on it, but it is MB)
I don't how I ended up with the above structure. It started as Sno Leopard. I ran Boot Camp to create the Windows partition and I installed Ubuntu.
What is the proper order and procedure to have a correct Lion install with Ununtu as an alternate boot?
I tried this once on the iMac and lost the Lion recovery partition in the process. I ended up reformatting and resinstalling to get it right. I want to leave the iMac a clean Lion Server install. I want to dual boot the Mini. I may then want to virtualize the mini if possible. It has 4GB RAM.
Is there a better approach?
Should I give up and keep Ubuntu on an external disk?


Having spent some time getting a triple boot working on my MacBook Pro, I think the only option left to you is to reinstall windows. If you installed grub in the MBR for the Windows partition then you will need to reinstall windows in order to fix its MBR. As for Linux. You may be able to save that install by reinstalling grub in that partition.
Here is the link I used to setup my triple boot:
http://lifehacker.com/5531037/how-to-triple+boot-your-mac-with-windows-and-linux -no-boot-camp-required
One of these links may help you with the grub reinstall. Good luck!

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