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Trouble connecting to & setting up wireless router

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I am hoping someone can please help me!! I have a PowerMac G4 and a new 12" PowerBook G4. I received a Linksys router as a gift and I am having trouble setting it up...I have tried connecting to the ip address, with both Internet Explorer and Safari to no avail. I enter in the address and it tells me the connection has failed. I have tried numerous individuals including Linksys support and have had no luck! Can anyone help me or tell me what I may be doing wrong?
PowerMac G4   Mac OS X (10.3.1)  
PowerMac G4   Mac OS X (10.3.1)  
PowerMac G4   Mac OS X (10.3.1)  


Lets start with some basic stuff.
First Shut your computer clear OFF.
Next pull the power adapter from your Internet
Service Providers Modem.
Next do the same thing with your New Router, Pull the
Plug on everything.
Remove any other USB items you might have connected
Printer scanner, camera.
Now you need to wait for 5 minutes.
Plug the Ethernet cable from your ISP's Modem to your
Uplink port on your New Router.
Plug the power adapter back in to your ISP'S Modem,
and wait until it re-aqiures the signal, depending on
the brand and who your service is with normally 3
Next after you are good on the modem you can plug in
your new Router, again wait for it to get it's signal
and lights.This will normally take a minute or so.
Now you can restart your computer.
After it boots up click on the Safari icon, and see
if it connects you.
If not go to the menu bar in your browser and type in
This should open the Linksys Utility box that will
enable you to confiqure your network.
Remember you will have to have all of the proper
setting in both your Browser and your Mail program
for everything to work properly.
Click on the Icon of Safari, and choose Preferences
this will allow you to setup
The same with Mail.
Good Luck Don
Hi, Don. Is the ethernet cable from the modem supposed to plug into the router's WAN port or the Uplink port?

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