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Trackpoint freezes on T60P

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A week or so ago the Trackpoint on my T60P (2007-AE7), running XP SP 3, started freezing a minute or two after booting the machine or waking it up.  Occasionally after a pause of a few minutes it will start working again on its own for a few seconds.
I can’t relate the freezing to anything I changed on the machine.  And the machine doesn’t run hot – I had a problem with the fan, which stopped working a couple of weeks ago; I removed, cleaned and oiled the fan, and it now works fine again.
An external mouse I connected works fine at all times, as does the keyboard.
What may provide a clue is that I normally only activate the Trackpoint alone without the Trackpad.  I notice that when both are active and the Trackpoint stops working, the Trackpad continues to work properly as do all the mouse buttons.
Sometimes when the Trackpoint has stopped working and I activate the Trackpad, the Trackpoint will start working again for a little while.
So I think there may be some kind of driver problem.
So far I have done the following to no avail, each time rebooting the machine after doing so: run ccleaner; installed and updated all four “mouse and keyboard” drivers (Synaptics UltraNav driver; TrackPoint Accessibility driver; UltraNav Utility for Windows; and UltraNav Wizard for Windows 2000/XP) for the T60P directly from the Lenovo site; rolled the Synaptics UltraNav driver back from to; uninstalled the Synaptics UltraNav driver; reinstalled the Synaptics UltraNav driver; and checked that I have the latest BIOS installed.
I have also removed the palm rest and keyboard, unplugged all the connectors and plugged them back in.
FWIW, I have downloaded the drivers directly from the Lenovo site because, when using the ThinkVantage Toolbox Updater to update software and drivers, I get an error message saying ThinkVantage Toolbox Updater has encountered a problem and has to close.   Running ThinkVantage System Update also generates an error message, in both instances preventing me from going further.   I installed the ThinkVantage utilities after reinstalling XP on this machine, which I believe can explain why the update function doesn’t work.
So I’m stuck.  Any thoughts anyone on how to get my Trackpoint unstuck?  Many thanks!


Thank you both for your suggestions.
Instead of swapping kbds and HDs yet, I decided to uninstall all four Trackpoint drivers and utilities one at a time, thinking I would reinstall them later one by one.  However, it sometimes takes the better part of a day for the Trackpoint to freeze up as I try to determine if one of the drivers could be the cause.  Hence the delay in answering.
Meantime, after uninstalling all of them and expecting it wouldn't work any longer, to my surprise I noticed that the Trackpoint still works (although I can't scroll by pressing the pointer and central button), and has not frozen up for the last day or so.  The Trackpad also works.
If the Trackpoint continues to work without freezing, I would assume the problem is not related to the keyboard or the possibility of a system board going south.  I will then reinstall the drivers one at a time, see what happens and report back.
I assume I should start with the Synaptics UltraNav driver and not with the UltraNav Utility.  Does that make sense?
Thanks again.

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