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Trackpad no input after archive and install

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Please help, i did an Archive and Install from the tiger 10.4 cd trying to resolve a problem with my iphoto wich was not working properlly, when i finished and enter again, the trackpad is not working no respose at all. What can I do?
I just realise that some of the functions of the keyboard are not working either, like the keys for the sound and the brightness
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If you have an external Apple USB keyboard and mouse, you may use these to
see if the iBook has a hardware issue in relation to the symptoms you've noted.
If the computer is booted from the Installer disc and you can run Disk Utility from
the menu bar options (short of running the actual installer) which appear, you
may be able to see if the keyboard and trackpad work when the computer is not
running from the installed system on the hard disk drive.
There may be an issue with the operating system; it could be traced back to the
hard disk drive, and if so, perhaps these new symptoms relate to a failing HDD.
If you have the original system Apple Hardware Test for that computer, you may
be able to start the computer from that disc, and see if there are any tests which
may yield trouble or error code messages.
If the computer is running a newer system than it shipped with the original disc
set which accompanied the computer when new would be needed to get the
Apple Hardware Test to work, there isn't one on a retail OS X install disc. If the
hard disk drive has errors on it that Disk Utility can't fix, it may be repaired by
a more aggressive tool such as Disk Warrior; or Drive Genius2, but these are
tools best owned and understood. Could be this new system folder is another
problem and not an answer to an existing problem, if the drive has bad data.
An external USB keyboard & mouse is helpful in troubleshooting a portable computer.
I try to have at least one spare available, and run my iBook G4 as a desktop with a
external USB white Apple keyboard and optical mouse; and powered USB hub.
Look into troubleshooting this; see if the booted system installer's Disk Utility can
tell you the status of the computer's hard disk drive; the SMART status, and the
amount of free space remaining. Could be the drive is overfull and in a bad way.
(If you need to, you could access the computer's hard disk drive via FireWire
Target Disk Mode to see about saving files you may want off of there, to another
Mac computer. Read up on FireWire Target Disk Mode, searchable in Support.)
Good luck & happy computing!

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