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TouchSmart 9300 specs - DVI-D output for second display?

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I'm trying to verify the 9300 has a DVI-D output for a second external display before committing to waiting for it's release?  It appears the 9100 does, so hopefully that carries over?  The other option is to use a USB-to-DVI adapter with the 610, but as I require 2560x1600 resolution I don't think that's going to be possible either.


When you set up the second monitor system preferences will pop up in the second monitor and you can try several different settings.
I connected my Samsung SyncMaster 192N to the mini dvi port and it works fine but it doesn't seem as bright as when I had it connected to my Windows PC. I use it to run Windows XP in VMWare Fusion. That way I can run it full screen but still have a full screen for OSX.

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