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The road to Infinity. My diary.

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Current Status: Order Placed
I thought I'd write a diary of my progress as I thought it may be of interest to some people. Moreover I am hoping that it will be a positive thread to have on these forums as I see so many disappointed and unhappy people posting here (although to be fair it is a help forum so negatives and issues are more common I know). Of course that assumes mine goes well 
So I moved to a new property in Feb 2012, back to a town I'd lived in previously. The towns exchange was upgraded quite some time ago so I was quite pleased and looking forward to getting some "Fiber Optic Goodness". Sadly when the move was agreed I checked with the address and it was unavailable. A date of March 2013 was listed. I opted for standard Unlimited Broadband with a personalised estimate of 5.5mb (moving from 11mb, I was not impressed as we stream/game/download a lot). On the day of installation it was a pleasant suprise to be 9mb if i remember correctly. A few weeks later I changed my HomeHub for a new router to find my sync rate was now 12206 and I speedtest come in at around 10.5mb so pleased as punch.
1st Feb-->Mid March:
After reasearching FTTC I found several websites including this forum where I have learned a bit about FTTC and became interested in the process and my cabinet! Which after some tracking down I found and was pleased to see that it was a new shiny Huwaii cab. I checked availability again at it was still labelled for March 2013. having read these forums I was doubting the date as accurate and low an behold, around the 20 March the date jumped to June 2013. Further reading led me to look at my cabinet in more depth and there was a recent trench dug between the new and old cabinet, also a trench although older appeared to run towards the road. These would appear to be the power and connection stages as per this http://beusergroup.co.uk/technotes/index.php?title​=Diary_of_an_FTTC_Install so my hope was raised again. Sadly nothing changed for weeks and as the cabinet is on my way new way home  there had been no activity there at all.
March 20th:
On way home from work see a large BT Openreach truck at my cabinet (not excited much honest). I'm a little shy so didn't stop to ask!
March 22nd:
On way home from work see a BT Openreach van and 2 contractor vans at my cabinet installing some fancy looking equipment in the cabinet DSLAM maybe, who knows.
March 22nd-->March 31st:
Daily spam of BT Checker and Wholesale Checker, still unavailable. I have no idea why I am so obsessed with it now. I am pretty "geek" by my own admission and I love tech and how things work. I think maybe looking how FTTC/DSLAM's/xDSL all work out of interest has got be obsessed.
April 1st:
See large Openreach van with cable spool at my cabinet.
April 2nd:
See large Openreach van with cable spool at a man hole down the road from my cabinet.
April 3rd:
See large Openreach van at the a junction right at the bottom of the road with 3 fibre cables dragged into the back of the van with the doors shut (was desperate to see inside!). Assuming this is either a splitter/intercept joint or maybe an aggregation point.
April 5th:
BT Checker says its available and I order! Nearest appointment is the 18th April so say. My estimate is 41.6 / 6.5
I have maybe poorly opeted to go for Infinity 2, I know my estimate is only just above Infinity one however I am hoping that I may have a good quality line (bearing in mind my actual ADSL speed over original estimate) and therfore I have a chance of geting more. I could have opted to go for Infinity 1 and maybe upgrade later (i actually suggested this to someone in a thread ealrlier this week) but all things considered, I couldn't help myself to be honest 
I will add that despite registering my interest, I have not received a call or email from BT stating that it was available. There is also no sticker on my cabinet, which is unusual for an active cabinet I believe?
So. I will update here as and when. Hopefully as I stated at the start this can be a positive FTTC/Infinity thread.


When they called I was greated with a "Mr Tucker, we are calling reference your query to us. You want to cancel your appointment, is that correct?"
"Hell no!" (didnt actually say this, but my brain did!)
It went something like this, I have abreviated though.
Him: You weant to cancel?
Me: No
Him: You want to alter your appointment?
Me: Not really, just saying if there is a cancellation I will have it.
Him: So You do want to cancel?
Me: No, I was just trying to be helpful if there was a spare slot I would take it.
Him: Ok, I can see you have a slot on the 18th
Me: Yes
Him: I can see here you already have Broadband. Is there a fault or problem?
Me: No
This goes on for at least 5mins.
Him: Let me have a word with a colleague?
Me: Ok
Him: There seems to be a problem here so I am going to try to escelate this for you sir.
Me: Ummm, ok......
Him: I will call you back on Monday?
Me: Ok....... Thanks......
Low and behold, this morning I get a text at 9:15 saying that my appointment is now the 9th at 8:00-13:00! 
I guess I got what I was after, in a round abbout way. So, awsome, Infinity tomorrow! Just so happens I'm working in the morning that day but really didn't want to start messing around, it could have gone any better for me and far worse if it had gone the other way.
Quality entertainment and outcome.

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