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The Ipod cannot sync - disk cannot be read from or written to - Work around

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I have been having the same problem and have talked to Apple support several times. It seems like the major problem is with Windows xp media center edition. They got back to me today with not a solution, but a work around. It seems to be working so far. If you are running media center edition open device manager and expand universal serial bus controlers by clicking on the + sign (with the itouch not connected) If you see "standard enhanced pci to usb host controller...right click on it and choose disable. Close device manager and reconnect your itouch to the computer. The sync will be much slower but it seems to be working for now. I spoke to a level 2 product specialist, and he was very helpful in giving me this "work around". He promises to get back to me with a fix asap. In that event I'll post the fix here.


Yes yes this worked for me too! ***?
I have Windows Media Center as well. I have tried EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING including reinstalling my OS. I have spent all of yesterday and all of today not to mention much time over the last few months trying to get it to work better. Not since getting my iPod have I ever been able to get everything to sync. Restores simply resulted in movies that previously worked not working and ones that didn't start to work. Oh and this is my third individual one. Seriously this works, but is a pain because now a single movie takes about 20 minutes or so to copy. Lame. Well I am going to call Apple tech support and mention this to them and also put something into feedback. It is ******** that people have to jump through so many hoops to get this to work. Apple is lucky this isn't my sister or my girlfriend. Anybody who doesn't have much experience with computers would be lost.
Thanks though! Same here, you saved my life as I was seriously ready to throw this out the window, as much as I love it! :O
Apple, please do something about this.

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