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TC issues 192.168 address even though it's set for 10. range

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My Time Capsule is set to use the 10. address range for DHCP but sometimes it issues a client a 192.168.x.x address. The result is no connectivity for the client until I hit "renew DHCP lease" a few times. It's not totally reproducible but I've seen it happen with both Lion and Mountain Lion clients and both iMacs and MacBooks.
I've already done a total reset of the Time Capsule and it made no difference. Should I just give in a switch to 192.168.x.x?


The only way this can happen is for there to be another router in the network that is issuing different IP addresses... Check carefully when it joins the 192.168 address for bssid.. you can do this by holding down the option key when you click the airport symbol in the top menu bar. If it is different to the TC address you normally get, that shows it is picking up IP from a different location.
Otherwise you have wired the TC wrongly.. you have a connection that should be WAN connected to LAN..
Is the TC getting 192.168.x.x address on the WAN port.. please open and check the summary in the airport utility.
Or getting a double NAT error??
You should bridge the TC if you have another router in the network.

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