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T500 wireless connects and disconnect​s every few seconds

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The machine has the Intel 5100 adapter in it, and runs W7 x64. There are numerous other devices using wireless in the same house, including two T61ps, which do not have this problem.
The T500 is using the latest Access Connections for W7, and the latest Intel drivers (the machine is 10 days old, and is fully updated using Lenovo System Update and Windows Update. Not much 3rd party software yet due to this and another problem with the T500.)
Every few seconds, the wireless will disconnect, then reconnect immediately. I have tried turning off power management for the wireless adapter, including telling Windows not to power it off for power savings. This occurs running on AC power, haven't tried on battery. (This is irritating enough as it is, but it makes W7's Windows Explorer keep moving things up and down in the display as the network items disappear and reappear.)


Hi Graham,
Try increasing the roaming of your wireless card from aggressive to low and power output to maximum in the power management option.
Hope it helps.
Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)
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