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z97 pc mate grey overclock

  • MSI Z97 PC Mate overclocking disabled after waking up from sleep modeNovember 30

    Hello friends, I use MSI/Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to overclock Pentium G3258 with MSI Z97 PC Mate motherboard. It works as expected. However, if it sleeps and wakes up, the overclocking is gone. I have to reboot for the overclocking to work again

  • Z97 PC mate no video from DVI, only HDMIOctober 11

    Assembled system, and no video. Board seems running ok however. No video on DVI of motherboard or card. So I use HDMI on PCI-E card, and video works. But cannot select in bios or change from HDMI to dual DVI for dual screen! I do not own HDMI monitor

  • Z97 PC MATE - Second GPU will not display / black screenOctober 11

    Using Z97 PC MATE with 2 nvidia cards (GeForce GTX970 and GeForce GETX750ti). My goal is to use the 750ti for dual display with the 970 reserved for compute in a 3D software package (houdini simulations). If both cards are installed on the mobo and o

  • Z97 PC Mate stuck at a multiplier of 8x100 mhzNovember 30

    My Z97 PC Mate is stuck at a multiplier of 8x100 mhz and whenever i try to increase the multiplier in BIOS it stays at 8. Help?Quote from: Chike on Today at 18:54:51What is it now? What options you have in BIOS? It sais "auto"Read other 5 answer

  • Z97 Pc Mate/ intel g3258 - no post screenNovember 30

    Z97 pc mate board intel g 3258 3.2 3mb catche lga 1150 2 2g ocz3g 1333lv4gk ram Seagate sata hd 400 watt psu cd drive sata and that's it no post screen the cpu fan and case fan are on, leds are on,  no post.  ram is in slot 2 and 4 like the board sai

  • MSI Z97 PC Mate/H97 PC MateNovember 30

    Hi I was wondering if anyone would have a solution to my issue right now. I want my pc to basically be completely shut off when I shut it down at the windows home screen but instead, when I shut down my pc and move my mouse (logitech mx performance)

  • Z97 PC MATE and Soundcard.November 30

    I upgraded to this board and an Intel G3258 CPU. Everything is up and running except for my sound. My sound card is enabled in the bios. I've tried loading the audio drivers that came with the motherboard. I've tried using the realtek drivers on thei

  • Unboxing MSI Z97 Mpower Max AC Overclocking MotherboardOctober 11

    Intel Z97 chipset based motherboards is already out and I’m glad that Intel decided it to make the CPU socket the same LGA 1150 as before. Backward compatibility for the current CPUs and at the same time will have support for the upcoming Haswell Ref

  • Re: No display, MSI Z97 PC Mate (New Build)November 30

    from the lower screen shot it looks like the drive is empty! how have you formatted the disk and what format did you chose? is it in a USB 2.0 slot?Hi, I have a MSI GT70 2PE While looking around the hidden bios settings I noticed that a the setting A

  • Z97 PC Mate - failed to update new bios v4.8November 30

    stopped in 18%.. freezing.. used M-Flash with Removable USB(FAT32) at a moment, mental breakdown reboot and fortunately was restored so far, this has never beenaside from already suggested for the record what is your current bios version? [M-Flash ma

  • Z97 PC Mate and Super ChargerNovember 30

    Does this motherboard support the Super Charger feature?  Live Update prompts me to download the software for this.  If the motherboard *does* support it, how do I take advantage of it? Thanks!On the link for your board under utilities for the SuperC

  • Z97 PC MateNovember 30

    Soon will be bringing to life this MB with G3258 processor and 2 x 4 Team Group TED38192M133HC9DC Elite. Waiting on EVGA 600B Bronze 600W 80 Plus Bronze Power to arrive Monday. Haven't read any issues with this board yet, but any tips/hints are welco

  • Re: Z97 PC Mate issuesNovember 30

    So she brought her PC over today and we hooked it up to my tv and everything displayed fine. Thanks for the insight, guys.System specs: MOBO: p6n diamond (BIOS V1.3) CPU: Q6600 @ 2.4GHz PSU: Chieftec 650W (CFT-650A-12B) OS: Vista SP2 Background: I bo

  • MSI Z97 PC Mate A2 errorNovember 30

    Hello guys few days ago i build my very first pc ever. Never done this before so i decided to do it myself and surprisingly i was able to do it. After carefully going thru everything and spending half of my saturday the pc was ready to launch. Plugge

  • Re: Z97 PC Mate - Super Charger. How to enable?November 30

    Try the onboard USB headers for the front panel connectors. One of the headers should allow to utilize Super Charger.This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards. https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=256941.0Read other 5 answers

  • Z97 Gaming 7 First build problemsNovember 30

    First here's my build: Phantechs Pro Full Tower Case MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Motherboard Intel i7-4790K Processor Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB  (2x8GB) DDR3 2400MHZ PC3 19200 Desktop Memory Intel 120GB SSD, Windows 8.1 Pro MSI Geforce GTX 970 Gaming 4GB Graph

  • Front Panel Audio Issues on both Z97 and X99November 30

    Hello, I am an owner of a Z97 PC Mate and a X99s SLI Plus Mobo. On both of these mobos, with the latest realtek drivers I cannot get front panel audio working. I have also tried the MSI drivers for each mobo from the product pages. I have "Disable fr

  • [GTX770]No display output HDMI/Displayport when bootingNovember 30

    I've recently upgraded to an Haswell setup with a MSI Z97 pc mate and MSI GTX770. The card seems to work fine when I use DVI output. However, when i try to use either hdmi or displayport I only get display output once i'm in windows. The bios and boo

  • Finding codes on screen before booting up.November 30

    Hi guys, first time posting here because I seem to be running into an issue. Whenever I turn on my PC, I find that my pc shows a black screen with the codes 9c, 99, and a2. These codes happen to stay for a couple of seconds but I have never seen thes

  • New Forum won't let me use old loginNovember 30

    Been a member of this/previous forum for many years as "jbiel". Was prompted at login attempt to make new password. Going to that page made me create a new account, because my email was already in use. Well no kidding. I have been using that ema

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