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z10 turns off on its own 50%

  • BlackBerry z10 battery poor performanc​eOctober 11

    Hey i have a question with regards to how am I supposed to improve my battery on the z10. I bought this phone last year at full price from my carrier. Since then the battery performance has been very poor... even after the number of updates and reduc

  • Lack of settings in Z10October 11

    Anybody else disappointed with the lack of settings on the Z10 vs the Bold? For instance you can not set the number of vibrates when you have a notification When you plug in your phone to a charger you can not set it up to go into Bedside Mode and a

  • Unable to boot Z10, stuck on loading screen at 99% after a few hours.October 11

    Hi, I am unable to boot Z10, stuck on loading screen at 99% after a few hours. I did not try to update, nor load any other OS versions.  Running a Bell Canada 10.1.  Tried to pull battery, leave phone boot for 5 hours, still stuck on 99%.  I tried pl

  • 2015 / BlackBerry Z10 (STL100-2) stuck at 99% OS 10.3 ...October 11

    Hello, Yesterday my device said it had an update (10.3) and it's now stuck on the boot screen (installing updates / starting BlackBerry 10 OS) at 98%, it goes really slow to 98% (12 hours). I've tried to reinstall 3 times now, and it's always the sam

  • I Have No Voice Mail Notifications In Z10 HubOctober 11

    I have seen issues with Voice Mail Notifications in various threads, but I didn't see one having No Voice Mail Notifications In the Z10 Hub at all. Sorry if I missed a thread that applies. From what I was told by Blackberry Technical Support, at the

  • Z10 calendar entries can't be deletedOctober 11

    On getting my Z10 I performed a device swop using Blackberry Link from from Blackberry 9860 running OS 7.1. It was a virtual failure, only copying a few pieces of data, no contacts at all and only a few calendar entries, which were from 2011. On my Z

  • Z10 battery heating upOctober 11

    Every now and then after prolonged usage by battery gets very warm, I am a battery app which also shows battery temperature, it is normally in the 25 degrees celcius but will spike to the high 30s, is this an issue to be concerned with? Solved! Go to

  • Email Setup (Z10) - How to change "Reply to:" and "From:" addressOctober 11

    Hello. I have setup my gmail account on the Z10 and would like to change the "Reply to:" address to my work address. Also I would like to change the "From:" address to my work address. This was done easily using my BB9790. Please help.

  • ITunes sync to Z10 = not right working / mixed songs in wrong playlistsOctober 11

    Hi iam totally frustrated: I try several weeks since i have this great device, to sync my itunes music to z10. But on syncing thru BB Link, my playlists on z10 are totally mixed with the wrong music files. On itunes = all is fine sorted Transfered to

  • Problems with AOL IMAP server connection on my BlackBerry Z10 STL100-3, and BB PlayBook 64GB WiFiOctober 11

    Problems with AOL IMAP server connection on my BlackBerry Z10 STL100-3, and BB PlayBook 64GB WiFi Thursday 4:20am EST, 02-19-2015 Hi, My connection to the AOL IMAP server has suddenly failed - Says "Not Connected" on Accounts page I haven't chan

  • Please help me fall in love with my Z10 !October 11

    Hi all - until recently I have been a committed Blackberry user. I upgraded to my new Z10 handset about eight weeks ago - and as the days pass I hate it more and more. The basic functionality of the thing I like - I like to swipe, I like the keyboard

  • My opinion of the Z10October 11

    It's just another Blackberry as far as I'm concerned. Nothing much has changed since 1999 when BB first came onto the market. Here's why I feel that way. I would have thought that throughout the development of the 10 platform BB would have gone out o

  • Z10 options are less than 9860October 11

    Hi just upgraded handset from Blackberry 9860 to Z10. I loved the 9860 but eventually two of the buttons stopped working. One of the most noticeable things about the Z10 compared to 9860 is there seems to be a lot less 'options' on the Z10 for each f

  • A Poll for A New BB10 feature(Z10) Come All!October 11

    I have noticed in the pass couple weeks that the z10 virtual keyboard is awesome, but needs a 'GREAT' tweak.Do Not get me wrong the keyboard it one of the best, but the send button needs a new home. The SEND button needs to have two options in text m

  • Z10 does not sync with Google contactsOctober 11

    I've had my Z10 for about a week and am trying to set it up. I am trying, and failing, to replace an Android device with this phone. I used the easy setup for "Email, calendar, and contacts" to link the phone to my gmail/google account. That acc

  • Z10 pairing 2013 Toyota entune, Z10 caller-id Name, Z10 add in-coming call to Contacts, Z10 latest bootleg s/w Rel now, Z10 visual vmOctober 11

    July 3, 2013 : (1)  Spoke to Toyota Technical Support today about 2013 Toyota entune, had them gooogle "wiki BlackBerry Z10" had them, then, to click 3rd one down on google listing : " BlackBerry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " ha

  • I hate the new Z10, handing it over to my wifeOctober 11

    I am a Blackberry poweruser. I have Blackberry everywhere along with all accessoirs. The background is, that I am travelling with 4 phones, for every country I have businesses in one phone. I bought the Playbook, to have a quick online banking done a

  • Issues with Contacts on Z10October 11

    Hi everyone, I have some headaches with the Contacts function on my Z10. Some useful advice on how to resolve these would be greatly appreciated: (1) Some of my contacts repeat themselves massively and at random within my Contacts list.  For example,

  • Issues with 10.3 OS update to my Z10October 11

    It has been two days since the automatic update from 10.2 to 10.3 on my Z10 device.  The device worked fine for two days and then it began a constant reboot indicating a device error in the upper right corner and the sim card is not recognized.  I ha

  • Not able to access blackberry world on Z10. what could be the reason?October 11

    not able to access blackberry world on Z10. what could be the reason? It wasn't issue earlier but facing it from last two days.Please guys read other forums on this community before posting redundant issues. Try this fix Go to the games app. At the b

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