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z10 flashing red light and not starting

  • Blackberry Z10 Flashing Red LightNovember 30

    Hi, can anyone advise it this is repairable. After charging overnight my Z10 no longer powers up in only shows a red flashing light, 1 flash, 3 flashes, 1 flash constantly. I can connect it to pc and it recognises the phone but its unable to connect

  • My Curve won't turn on and no sign of flashing red lightOctober 11

    Hi! I m all new to this blackberry forum thing....anyway i have a blackberry curve and all of a sudden yesterday it just stopped working. when i looked at the phone the screen was all white so i took out the battery and put it back on thinking that i

  • Flashing red Light on Photosmart D5160October 11

    I have a 3-4 year old Photosmart which know suddenly comes with flashing red light when i try to print. In the display it says ERR and there are two commas or something on the bottom right. It does not match any of the problems which i can find on hp

  • Bold 9930 - dead and flashing red lightOctober 11

    Bold - Verizon 9930, died with flashing red light, non-responsive. Can connect wtih loader, re-loading latest OS for Verizon (7.1.0_rel1737_PL5.1.0.429_A7.1.0.580_Verizon_Wireless) Load fails with "application loader was unable to connect with your d

  • Flashing red light on my ACS 4.1October 11

    Hello, I have a flashing red light on my ACS. I have searched on Cisco.com to see what this meant and how I can fix it. I am aware that it is a critical error on the system health for my ACS. But what exactly does that mean? How can I figure out what

  • 8800 upgrade attempt lost usage and flashing red light. No response.November 30

    Thought I'd upgrade from 4.5.011 to 4.5.018, at the suggestion of the desktop manager. Things were okay until it stopped. Fatal error message, flashing red light...nothing else. Attempted again, and again. Gentleman at BB store did the same thing. He

  • Large outside Junction/Control box has flashing red light - bad or normal?November 30

    There is a Verizon outside box that is large with a flashing red light on its side.  It appears to be a junction or control box mounted on the ground.  It has been there for years and I do not remember seeing a flashing red light until now.  Plus, my

  • Flashing Red Light Quit WorkingNovember 30

    My flashing red light on the front of my 8350i has stopped working.  You know, the one to notify you you've missed a call or have an unread email, etc.  I've only had it about 2 weeks & was working fine until Friday.  It quit working so I took the ba

  • My ipod shuffle 2nd gen suddenly stops playing music after 15-20 mins.First it flashes green light and then flashes red light rapidly. Any solution to this ?November 30

    My ipod shuffle 2nd gen suddenly stops playing music after 15-20 mins.First it flashes green light and then flashes red light rapidly. Any solution to this ?A 2nd gen shuffle is about six year old at this point.  The likely cause is a battery that is

  • Torch 9860 wont start, no flashing red light as wellOctober 11

    the loading screen comes and hangs on about 80%, no red light flashing, it just sits on 80%, Please Help!!! I tried to update the device software with desktop loader, when the device is rebooted after installing it again sits on 80% the destop loader

  • Z1 compact wont turn on, three vibrations, flashing red lightOctober 11

    phone wont turn on, tried the red button off button, tried the power and volume button, when in charge it keeps vibrating 3 times and flashing a red light, what can I do?I had same problem too. It was about some water that got into my phone's inside

  • 4G LTE Mobile MiFi 4501L - flashing red lightNovember 30

    A few nights ago I was connected to the internet with my mobile hotspot, I lost connection and noticed the Red LED was flashing. So far I've tried powered down the unit. Removed the batery. Removed the SIM card. Did a hard re-boot using the button in

  • A strange flashing red light problem on the 8100.November 30

    Blackberry Pearl 8100 Problem: Usually after using it for the first time after several hours of non-use it will shut off unexpectedly, flash me the red light twice, and then allow me to turn it back on to a long load up. Battery power is fine. No dat

  • Flashing red lightNovember 30

    Someone told me that if the power light on a Toshiba tube TV is flashing red, that meant the tube was damaged beyond repair.  Is this true?While certain LED codes can indicate that a television needs servicing, I don't think any LED code will indicat

  • HH5 Flashing Red light issuesNovember 30

    hello, experiencing strange issues with a BT Infinity 2 circuit at my property.  Symptoms: * 3 days ago the original HH5 dropped the broadband connection - it changed to an orange light with flashing red broadband symbol. No dial tone when the RJ11 i

  • Flashing Red Light on CaseNovember 30

    Hi there. New to MSI and this forum. Its been pretty helpfull so far so thanks for that. Now the problem Im having is that the red light(HDD Activity?) on the front of the case is flashing about every second when idle. Sometimes its just one flash at

  • Flashing red light phone wont turn on torch 9860November 30

    phone wont turn on and on charge red light flashes 4 times, any suggestions on how to fix please?Hi and Welcome to the Community! Please try this sequence...note that, throughout the entire 4h15m process, your BB must remain directly connected to a k

  • My HP DC7100 won't start, flashing red light 5 times?November 30

    My HP-DC7100 won't start up and it when I turn it on it flashes the red light 5 times, I looked it up and it apparently meant that it was a memory error, now I thought that was kind of weird because the RAM's were working just fine before this incide

  • Z10 dead: red light blinksNovember 30

    My Z10 is dead. I was checking messages while the screen has become black and then the red lights has start blinking. It blinks 1-4. I've tried a battery pull, but it's dead. Sometimes, randomly, appears 'blackberry' on the screen, but the phone stuc

  • Black screen and flashing red lightNovember 30

    A couple of days ago my bb torch 9860 suddenly turned off and when I turned it on the battery was completely drained. I took it home and hooked it up to a charger. After 8 hours the battery was still charging. Upon removel the BB would display a batt

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