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  • Yuppie Needs Help! Ipod and BMW 3 2006 modelNovember 30

    No, not really...gentlemen, i am not a yuppie. The firm that I work for gave me a 2006 BMW 3 series to use for a bit, and I really want to connect it to my 4th Gen 3.x firmware ipod photo, so that I can listen to robots in disguise, davendra and othe

  • Why my YUPP TV app is not working on sony google player NSZ-GS8 - Need HelpNovember 30

    some of the apps are not working properly. have to close and restart the device. (especially Netflix and youtube).Besides this problem, YUPP TV app is not at all working. not taking the credentials whereas same credentails working well with other dev

  • Null Date and Time ProblemOctober 11

    I created my entity classes from a database by using netbeans 6.0 and I'm using H2 as a database. I've the following table in my database. CREATE CACHED TABLE OPEN_TABLE ( ID INTEGER GENERATED BY DEFAULT AS IDENTITY(START WITH 0) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY

  • HT1600 can i add apps to apple tvOctober 11

    can i add apps to apple tvApps can't be added to the Apple TV. You can only apps to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, not Apple TVRead other 2 answers

  • Choppy, distorted audio on Portege Z930 after updating from Win7 to Win8 64October 11

    Just wanted to share an info with you which cost me some time to work out, regarding the audio playback on a Portege Z930. When I got my brand new Z930-14L, it was running Win7. I tested everything like you do when you get a new machine and it all wo

  • Generics in EJBs - ejbc fails in 9.0bOctober 11

    I have some SLSBs with typed collections such as Map<String,String> someMethod (Collection<Integer> on); in the local interface. The bean implementation implements this signature exactly. On startup, I'm getting messages like ...\EJBCompilerCa

  • Eyedropper tool with masks in Illustrator CS4October 11

    When I sample a colour from a masked object in Illustrator CS4 it doesn't sample the colour correctly. It looks like it's doing it optically rather than using the exact colour breakdown I have assigned the colour. It doesn't even look like the same c

  • How to solve error (-23) when updating my iPhone to iOS5?October 11

    I was about to download the iOS5 on my iPhone but it kept on saying that there was a problem when downloading and "An unknown error occured (-23)". Can anyone help me? My iTunes and Mac's software are up to date.I had the same error (-23) but i

  • How should I organize and disable non-english fonts.October 11

    I'm a graphic designer and I'm having trouble organizing all of these random hebrew/japanese/chinese fonts that I never use. I don't want to screw up my system, but I also don't want to scroll through 200 fonts every time I want to find one. Is there

  • Why is the iPod so . . . . . basic?October 11

    I love both my green iPod mini and my iPod Video (love the video a little - no, a lot - more). I found a really cool alternate jukebox that you can load onto your iPod called Rockbox - and it has some GREAT features. It allows you to alter pretty muc

  • Mpd rc.d start-up outputNovember 30

    Is all verbose output from rc.d scripts sent to /dev/null as standard?  If this is the case shouldn't this be the better? case "$1" in start) stat_busy "Starting Music Player Daemon" - [ -z "$PID" ] && /usr/bin/mpd /e

  • IPhone unknown error (-200)November 30

    Hello Apple. When I try to open up iTunes in my MacBook Pro, it says that it cannot launch because of a unknown error called -200. I don't know what this is, and I don't think that there are any solution articles for this error. Here's a screenshot:

  • Function module to convert value to caps ie capitalNovember 30

    hi please let me knwo function module to convert small lettter to upper case lettter regards aroraHi, Use the code below to convert into uppercase: Report YUPPER. DATA : smal1 TYPE char1 VALUE 'a',        smal2 TYPE string VALUE 'abcdef'. TRANSLATE :

  • Including different datasets from a file?November 30

    I have (for the sake of argument) 2 illustrator files. One contains some vector drawings with multiple layers. I'd like to use two "versions" of that file so I'm using variables and datasets to toggle some layers and change some textfields. Now,

  • Visual Studio Like IDE for AS?November 30

    I don't like feeding the big green monster (microsoft) more than I have to but I think Macromedia (adobe?) should make programming with action script more like programming in visual studio 2005. I program for fun and to be honest, its not that fun wh

  • Hi,when i click on sync in itunes on my pc nothing is highlighted everything is in greyNovember 30

    Hi, When i click on sync in itunes on my pc nothing is highlighted everything is in grey therfore i cannot sync with my other computer or my apple tvApps purchased in iTunes are only for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). If you want apps for yo

  • ECC 6.0 error FSL-04008November 30

    Hi to all, I am installing mySAP ERP 2005 ECC6 and I run into troubles. My platform is HP UX on PA-RISC, distribuited system. When installing Central instance I get this massage: INFO 2006-08-26 20:03:18 Execute step askMasterPwd of component |NW_ABA

  • Error 83860036 when syncing using Nokia SuiteNovember 30

    Hi, I created an iCloud account and copied all my contacts, task, calender,... to the i cloud. In office in creates automaticly a new subfolder called "iCloud". When i wanted to change the sync options in nokia suite, the contacts, calender,...

  • I'm moving to a new forum, I guess, but thanks!November 30

    I'm volunteering at a non profit place that resells and recycles old computers. Last week I got enough hours to receive the 1/2 off member discount and I bought a computer almost exactly like my current one, but different. For $22.50 I bought an iMac

  • An iPhone salesman diary...November 30

    At times like these, when demand is over supply, it's easy to get upset with the person standing in front of you. Remember, it's not their fault. Supply issues are not the stores fault, or even the company. Supply issues are manufacturing problems. J

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