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  • How to delete xvidsetup.exeNovember 30

    Hi Guys, My Norton anti virus detected this programme as it was causing all sorts of problems. I want to remove it . How can i do this manually? Many thanks BobThat is Windows malware, and it cannot in any way affect your Mac (other than to take up a

  • When firefox starts, an "XvidSetup.exe" window pops up asking to install the file. How can I stop this?November 30

    This only happens opening FF, IE is ok. This started just a few days ago, but I cannot think of anything that triggered it. I am running Windows XP.Hi MSchp, You should check to see what your homepage has been set to or try to NOT restore the previou

  • How to get rid of PC Virus on Mac?November 30

    Hi. I have a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.7.5. Today, Symantec Endpoint Protection scanned my computer and detected an infected file name xvidsetup.exe. I know that it was a virus named Bad-Sectors.3422 (x) that infected the file. The file was original

  • Exe spyware in Firefox?November 30

    I wasn't sure where to post this. I downloaded a thing that really turned out to be an exe file with a txt readme that said it will steal all my Firefox passwords and I have 24 hours to change my master password. I'm a little worried? I didn't run th

  • My I mac desktop wont download Adobe updateNovember 30

    Ive been having problems with downloading an update to adobe flashplayer all my feeds are blocked plug_ins it says which abode update is required how can fix this? I see the download window it gets to 95% and then disappears and no installation proce

  • Please Bookmark Links to Access Unifier EnvironmentOctober 11

    Unifier Customers: Since the decommission of www.skire.com, there has been confusion on how to access the links to your hosted Unifier environment. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are emailing you today to ask that you bookmark these links to

  • Webcam/incoming video not working with flash 11October 11

    I use a chat room which uses adobe flash for webcams to video conference. I've used adobe flash for webcam purposes for years without an issue but all of a sudden my outgoing video/audio doesn't work and incoming audio/video is very choppy. My webcam

  • Photoshop Elements 4 - EditingOctober 11

    I have had Photoshop Elements 4 for a number of years now, which I have used without problem.  However today I am unable to access editing.  It just comes up with "Attempt to access invalid address" and then it says "unable to connect to ed

  • My CS 5.5 Design premium serial number is not workingOctober 11

    I have bought CS 5.5 Design premium in Czech Republic and i have lost the installation disk. Now, i need to get installation data ASAP. I've found on adobe sites, that i can download this installation, but when i tried, my serial number was not worki

  • Can I still upgrade to CS6October 11

    I'm setting up a replacement laptop and want to upgrade to CS6Again, what do you mean by "upgrade link on the Adobe site"? Are you talking about the link to buy CS6 as an upgrade from CS5?  CS4 is totally out of the upgrade loop. Or are you refe

  • Premiere Pro CC とのDirect Linkが重いNovember 30

    Premiere Pro CC からDirect Linkした時に非常に重くなります. 再生はモニターパフォーマンスインジケーター(モニタのアイコン)が赤くなり.1/2くらいの再生速度になります. 操作のパフォーマンスも落ちます. 同じシーケンスをEDLで書き出してSpeedGradeで取り込んだ場合は問題なく再生されます. 使用したムービーはProRes 422とMedia Encoderで出力したDNxHD 145です. 2台のPCで検証しましたが.Mercury Playbac Engin

  • App.exportMiniFolio errorNovember 30

    Hi I removed all prerelease versions. Then dowloaded and installed the new versions for ID 5.0 Now in the overlay creator if I try to hit the Preview at the bottom. I get a app.exportMiniFolio error. Same thing if I try to use the Folio builder and i

  • Air application installer doesn't always work when Adobe air is already installedNovember 30

    Hi, I've recieved an adobe air application from another developer. I placed it a web site and tested it. It worked so I considered it complete. However it turns out that it only worked because I didn't have Adobe Air installed. I've found that there

  • Projectors AgainNovember 30

    Hi. First post and sorry if this is an old chestnut. Running Flash Pro 8 on Macintosh OS10.4.9. I'm trying to create a standalone projector following the procedure outlined in the online tutorial - creating a Flash Video Player Component and linking

  • Flash Player made U-Tube stop workingNovember 30

    Just like the topic title suggests. I installed the newest version of Adobe Flash Player ( after a notification alerted me to new security updates for the flash player. I installed the new version, went to Youtube to play a video and I get

  • Photoshop (CS6) do not print - dialog is not availableNovember 30

    Hello to all, The Photoshop of my CS6 do not print. I use different networkprinters (Canon iR-ADV C2220 / 2230). When i try to start the print menue come nothing up except the error box which say that the connection to the printer is not available, a

  • I have a serial number for cs6 13.0 from my company but I can't find the link to download itNovember 30

    Does anybody have that link or know where I can find it?You can use a FTP client (or your browser if it supports FTP) and download from the Adobe FTP server (ftp.adobe.com). The files are in /pub/adobe/cs6/downloads : Windows (launch the .exe which w

  • Dreamweaver CC 2014.1 design view gone - what next?!November 30

    First Adobe deprecates server behaviors, now they are removing design view?!  I am stunned.  Design View is the SOLE reason I use Dreamweaver!  (It's more of a quick code navigator in split view.) Live view has NEVER worked in a practical and usable

  • I just downloaded Photoshop cc and I cannot figure out how to open it and start editing??November 30

    I have never used these products before so this is all new to me. I open the creative cloud icon it saved on my computer when I downloaded it. When I click on photoshop though it just keeps taking me to the download page. Thinking I did it wrong I cl

  • Downloading a trial of Photoshop CS6 (do not need CC or the cloud)?November 30

    Hi could someone please help - how do you download a trial of Photoshop CS6 - have purchased a student copy and need to use trial to get an assignment finished while my student ID is being apporved?  THanks in advance AnnieOHi, You can also use a FTP

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