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xilinx impact invalid spi.cor

  • XPS SPI core failing selftestNovember 30

    Hi, I have configured microblaze in xilinx xps.My mhs file is attached. I tried to do self test on the module inspired from xilinx examples. The code is shown below #include "xparameters.h" #include "xspi.h" #include "xspi_l.h&quo

  • IPSEC packet has invalid spiNovember 30

    I have a very simple LAN-2-LAN between two cisco routers running IOS version 12.4(15)T8 as follows: RouterA: crypto isakmp key test123 address no-xauth crypto isakmp policy 1 encr aes 256 hash sha authentication pre-share group 5 lifetime 8

  • Vivado 2015.1 invalid ip core instantiationNovember 30

    Hi, I have an IP Core called Arbiter. It has a configuration parameter FFT_SIZE. When i create a project using tcl generated from Vivado->Export Block Design it goes with no errors. # Create instance: Arbiter_0, and set properties   set Arbiter_0 [ c

  • Xilinx wins Light Reading's Leading Lights Award for Outstanding Components Vendor to the Network and Comms industryNovember 30

    Light Reading, a leading online publication for the network and communications industry, has just presented Xilinx with a 2015 Leading Lights award for Outstanding Components Vendor at an awards dinner held in Chicago on June 8 in conjunction with th

  • Digital Electronics FPGA Board with Xilinx ISENovember 30

    Hi, I've a design in Xilinx ISE. I Synthesized and created the Bit map file. How can I export this bitmap file to the NI Digital Electronics FPGA is board? I tried using Adept to program, but the tool didn't detect FPGA board. Thanks in advance.Hello

  • ASA 5505 & VPN Client blocking access to local lanOctober 11

    I have setup a IPSec vpn client connection to a Cisco ASA 5505, when I connect to the unit it fully authenticates and issues me an ip address on the local lan however when I attempt to connect to any service on the local lan the following message is

  • ASA 5505. VPN Site-to-Site does not connect!October 11

    Hello! Already more than a week ago, as we had a new channel of communication from MGTSa (ONT terminal Sercomm RV6688BCM, who just barely made in the "bridge" - was forced to make the provider in order to receive our white Cisco Ip-address), and

  • Site-to-Site VPN between Cisco ASA 5505 (8.4) and Cisco Router (IOS 15.2)October 11

    Hi, I'm trying to create Site-to-Site VPN between Cisco ASA 5505 and Cisco Router 3945. I've tried create configuration with and without ASA wizard, but anyway it doesn't work. Please help me to find where is the issue. I have two sites and would lik

  • Varinat configurationOctober 11

    Variant Configuration Variant configuration is for manufacturing complex products in which customer determines the features of the product. Objective of variant configuration is to react quickly to customers' requirements.      Here it needs not to c


    Dear All, I have a site-to-site connection  from point A to point B. From point B i am unable to access the internet from local internet provider. I am trying to ping from the dns   but i receive the  message "destination net unr

  • Remote access VPN not workingOctober 11

    Hi all i am bad at configuring the Remote Access VPN --- please help me on this . i use 3des & AES we dont have the license i have tried using "sysopt connection permit-vpn" I have tried using both "same-security-traffic permit inter-in

  • Router connected to cable modem by Ethernet port cannot get IP address from DHCP.October 11

    I have an ethernet cable on Fa0/0 connecting my 1841 router to my cable modem. The issue is that the router cannot obtain an IP address via DHCP when I have the "ACL-OUTSIDE-IN" ACL applied inbound on the Fa0/0 interface. I tried to allow all BO

  • Adding new peer without removing cmap from interface.October 11

    I have a frustrating issue with a dynamic VPN head end running IOS 15.2 on 2900's. I have existing keyrings, and isakmp profiles (both main and agressive) running. When I add in a new peer, by adding in a keyring prechared statement and a match ident

  • IPSEC crypto peers using non-standard portsOctober 11

    Hello, I have a remote site that is using port 4500 for within the isakmp phase of creating a IPSEC tunnel, but for some reason it is also using random port numbers constantly (in bold): BEVRLY_D_CR184_01#sh crypto isa peer Peer: x.x.x.x Port: 4500 L

  • Isakmp peers using non-standard port 4500October 11

    Hello, I have a remote site using the Internet to access corporate networks over IPSEC. Set-up is as below: Remote Router uses public IP across internet --> hits corporate untrusted nework FW --> NAT'ed to private 10.x.x.x IP --> reaches trusted

  • Inspect http issue - unable to browse secure site.November 30

    Hi, Current version of the asa firewall is 7.1(2) in which when the inspect http is enabled, while opening secure site like axis bank account or any money market site either blank page display or page can not display error message appear. When i disa

  • Router to router IPSEC sessionNovember 30

    Hi Techs, I have below network with a HQ router which builds a crypto session with private source IP (RFC1918). The firewall in the middle (WAN and HQ router) NAT's the crupto source. ( HQ Router) --------------------------------------------( Firewal

  • About windows 7 and 2tp/ipsec.November 30

    Hi colleagues I have some issues about lt2p/ipsec and windows 7. Here is my situation: aaa authentication login default local aaa authentication ppp default local aaa authorization console aaa authorization exec default local vpdn enable vpdn-group V


    Hi firends, What is the difference between MAKE TO ORDER and  VARAINT CONFIGURATION   PROCESS, in which scenarios we are using both topics. Can any one explain about steps for make to order and variant configuration. i need complete process.PLS REFER

  • DMVPN spoke to spoke not establishedNovember 30

    In the topology attached I am advertising tunnel ip and loopbacks for the specific hub and spokes in their eigrp , there is connectivity between all but still Eigrp routes are not coming and its flapping.ISAKMP is on , tunnel is also up.I am also att

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