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  • Xbox 360 Wired Controller is not working with Windows 7.November 30

    Not to long ago I was playing Halo 2 PC using my wired Xbox 360 Controller. All of a sudden my computer (which uses Windows 7) decides not to recognize it. Every time I plug in the controller in now it comes up as "Unknown Device". I have not ch

  • Slow Xbox 360 Wired Connection SpeedNovember 30

    My Xbox 360 Elite console is connected to my home network using a wired connection, but it has a slower speed (gathered using tests on this website) than all of the wireless devices connected to the network. The console achieves about 3 mbps, which i

  • Time Capsule+ Xbox 360 wired connectionNovember 30

    I am looking to pick up a Time Capsule to replace my airport express as my main router. I would like to plug in my Xbox 360 to one of the ethernet ports on the back of the time capsule, while still having a wireless network for my computers. Are ther

  • Will an Xbox 360 Wired Controller Work with an iMac G5?October 11

    I was just wondering, because my friend got it to work with his new iMac (the current one). If it does, does anyone know how to set it up? Please reply. Thanks.This should do the trick. http://tattiebogle.net/index.php/ProjectRoot/Xbox360Controller/O

  • XBox 360 wired controller quit working in LionNovember 30

    Anyone found a way to get it working again?I'm having the same issue. Tried using pref360control and i'm still not having my guitar hero xplorer controller show up.Read other 2 answers

  • Wired xbox 360 controller used for PCNovember 30

    I have tried literally everything I can think of, I searched it, and a resounding solution were these steps: 1) Download the drivers from "Can't post links yet" 2) Choose Gaming > Xbox 360 Controller for Windows > Windows 7 64 bit > Eng

  • Step by step complete setup for WRT54G ver.6 with Laptop and XBOX 360October 11

    Hello.  I am sorry to post this, I am sure it is a juevenile and redundent question...but I have tried to look for the set up cd (I can find where to download it...though I can find the firmware upgrade or whatever).  My friend at work said it would

  • Xbox 360 controller not workingNovember 30

    I plug in the controller, lights up for a sec, then nothing. I've read MANY similar problems, but they are all from a couple years back and none of those solutions work now. I am using an official Xbox 360 wired controller to play Boarderlands 2, whi

  • Xbox 360 controller support broken in latest build (9926)November 30

    Since installing 9926, I'm finding that left analog stick is repeatedly pushing to the right while in dead zone. Have disconnected, reconnected, restarted, and tried multiple games, and I continue to replicate the error. Xbox 360 wired controller. An

  • New Problem:ONT Fixed Xbox 360 dropping connectionsNovember 30

    Ok SO After I got a new ont today, connection drops to all of my devices,execept my xbox 360, wired, are good, my 360 randomly disconnects every 15 minutes or so even just sitting on the dashboard, Ports are open, connected directly to the modem, and

  • Need help setting XBOX 360 to have bandwidth priority over my laptopNovember 30

    I have a WRT54GS wireless router.  I have a laptop connected wirelessly through it, and an XBOX 360 wired into it.  If I use my laptop at the same time as my XBOX then my laptops connection works great, but my XBOX lags hardcore.  I need to figure ou

  • Unreal Tournament 2004 + XBOX 360 controllerNovember 30

    So, here it the thing ... I have a MacBook with 1GB RAM. I recently purchased Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) and I have the most recent patch. To control said game, I am using an XBOX 360 wired controller and the (generally) excellent driver found h

  • How can i get an xbox 360 to connect to my time capsule via WIRED connection?October 11

    I have a Time Capsule and i need to connect my xbox 360 to it because my stepdad has the network in this house set up crazily. He gets mad if i ask him to change anything because it is how he wants it and it works with EVERYTHING ELSE. I do not have

  • XBOX 360 media sharing across wired/wirelessOctober 11

    I have a WRT54G, 2 Windows machines, and an XBOX 360. Everything works as expected except that I cannot connect the PC's to the XBOX except via wireless. If a PC is wired to the router, Windows Media Player doesn't see the XBOX. If I ping the XBOX wh

  • Can AirPort express be used for AirPlay with my home stereo, and to give my Xbox 360 a WIRED internet connection via ethernet, simultaneously?October 11

    I am considering buying an airport but I am not sure if it will work how I would like it to.  I need it for two things.  The first would be to use for AirPlay with my home stereo.  The second would be to use as a way to give my Xbox 360 a WIRED inter

  • WRT310N gives my wireless Xbox 360 terrible connection when PC is wiredNovember 30

    When my wired PC is linked to my WRT310N, my wireless Xbox 360 has a terrible connection and is repeatedly disconnected. When my PC is not hooked up, my Xbox 360 gets a perfect connection, just like it's wired. I've had this router for around a year

  • Looking for descent, affordable wired router so I can hook up XBox 360-iMacNovember 30

    I just got an XBox 360, and I'd like to use the XBox Live features. Could anyone suggest a dependable, wired router that wouldn't cost much more than fifty dollars? I really have no need to go wireless, and besides I'd have to buy the wireless adapto

  • Xbox 360 and wired connectionNovember 30

    I'm trying to connect my Xbox 360 to my Airport Extreme using a wired ethernet connection. However, the Xbox 360 always says "MTU Failed". I've reserved an IP address for my Xbox 360, and tried opening ports 88 and 3074 for UDP and 3074 for TCP

  • Xbox 360 will not connect to WRT54G Wired connectionNovember 30

    OK I just bought a xbox 360 and the Linksys wrt54g router I updated the firmware on the router and have 2 pcs currently connected and working great i also have a wii connected wirelessly and it works great. I connected the xbox 360 to the router and

  • Lynksis E1000 wired connection to Xbox 360 (need help)November 30

    Here's my problem: I connect my ethernet cable from the router to my computer, and the connection works fine. (ethernet port 1 on router.) I connect it from the router to my Xbox 360, and it acts as if I haven't even connected the ethernet cable. Cou

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