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  • Nokia 700 and Belle FP1 (Product Code 059L5V1)October 11

    My unlocked Nokia 700 (Product Code 059L5V1) never got the Belle FP1 upgrade, and so far hasn't got FP2 several months on from release. Can someone from Nokia advise - 1. Why not - it's unlocked, and so far I've used it on both O2 and Vodafone Contra

  • No low battery alarm when on the call. (Nokia 700)October 11

    There must be some bug with the low battery alarm on Nokia 700. When the phone is on a long call, it just shuts down without any alarm at all. I had this issue several times. My battery shows that it's full for about 30% or something. Then I call and

  • Nokia 700 wont turn onOctober 11

    Hi, so i have a problem. I did a hard reset using *#7370# and i think something went wrong and the phone wont start. And now when i try to turn the phone on ir show's the nokia booting animation but no 5dots and just shuts off. Can anyone help what t

  • Nokia 700 Belle dialer problemNovember 30

    I have 2 languages (English and Greek letters) on my Nokia 700 dialer buttons at the same time. No matter which language is set as default! Latest OTA OFW. Any suggestion?Dialer screen snap: Attachments: Dialer.png ‏45 KBRead other 10 answers

  • Nokia 700 won't install apps?November 30

    I have a new Nokia 700. Updated firmware, connected to Telstra, connected to the web but can't install any apps. It downloads then gives error "can't install". Solved! Go to Solution.Hey Redrich200, Welcome to the Nokia Forums, Please try to con

  • Is Snapchat and Instagram available for Nokia 700...November 30

    HI to all,           ----  I am using Nokia 700 which is acted by Symbian belle.            ----I searched Instagram and snapchat in ovi store for my phone, but those software is not available there,            ----How can i get those apps, Please he

  • Nokia 700 unexplained alert tone?November 30

    My new Nokia 700 is randomly playing an alert tone that is not acompanied by any message. No Apps are open and the WLAN is turned off. The tone is the Email1 tone (NB email is not open). I have not changed the default alert tones. What could this be?

  • Viber is not showing viber contacts on Nokia 700 F...November 30

    Please help, when I installed Viber on my Nokia 700 with FP2 at the first time it worked perfectly and no problems appeared but when I did a hard reset (without removing viber) and installed it again it stopped showing viber contacts and it ask me to

  • Missing Adobe Reader and QuickOffice (Nokia 700)November 30

    I recently had to do a "full factory reset" on my Nokia 700 but since then I seem to have lost both the Adobe Reader and QuickOffice. Both were working before the reset and I did a full Nokia Suite backup and restore after the reset. In an attem

  • Nokia 700 belle fp2 voipNovember 30

    I configured Voip on Nokia 700 belle fp2 with the guide from this page. I prefer 3G connection so I set packet data connection over 3G and enabled AWCDMA setting in VoIP service settings. Like in the guide. I can make calls. Sound quality is excellen

  • Ovi Maps won't open in Nokia 700November 30

    I bought Nokia 700 2 months ago and I have been using Ovi Maps perfectly until last week, when after plugging my device in to my laptop I got a message that I should update the Maps application. I followed the instructions but there was not enough di

  • System error on nokia 700November 30

    please help! when opening my nokia 700 there is a message says "system error" . I tried to hard reset my phone using *#7370# but still there is a system error when opening my phone.  please helpi used to get it sometimes, i think it must be an a

  • Nokia 700 won't detect any headset?November 30

    Hi, I have big problem here. I am having a problem with my Nokia 700. Whenever I connect my headset to the phone, it did not detect! I have already plug in properly. Please help me, I need it to listen to radio! This happens a few minutes ago, when I

  • Nokia 700 and car HF CK-7WNovember 30

    I have Nokia 700 and car handsfree Nokia CK-7W connected via bluetooth. The connection works fine, but there is one problem: When I connect it, the phone automatically lock the touch screen. Is there any possibility to leave the tou screen unlocked?

  • Nokia 700 : missing many things after update..November 30

    i had some hardware issues in my nokia 700. just yesterday i received back my cell from Nokia care. while resolving the issue, they had updated the firmware.now i am missing many things in my cell. Fruit Ninja game, Angry Birds magic, and 3 more apps

  • Bello (Nokia 700) unable to send emails 1MB or s...November 30

    My 700 is consistently refusing to send emails if I attach more than 2 photos. Sometimes it says "unable to do operation" but sometimes it just bombs out of the Send dialogue, back to the gallery. Very occassionally I can attach 3, but of course

  • Nokia 700 and Nokia Purity WH 920 EarphonesNovember 30

    Hi, I've recently purchased a Pair of Nokia Purity earphones and low and behold... when I plug them into the Nokia 700... "Accessory Not Supported" comes up. I think this is potentially a growing trend with Nokia Belle devices. I'm absolutely sh

  • Nokia 700 3G or 3.5 GNovember 30

    Hi i have Nokia 700 . on 700 when i am in dual mode 3G icon is coming.when i insert the same sim card in Nokia 500 3.5G symbol is coming what is the difference between 3G or 3.5G i have the problem of draing the battery in 3G on my 700.even the phone

  • Wifi doesn't work nokia 700November 30

    Hi, i've bought a nokia 700 and it connects to wifi but I can't access to the internet, the wifi is open, working and I can connect everything else perfectly. I've been looking for a solution and I see that this is a common problem with nokia 700, so

  • Nokia 700 bad speakerphone qualityNovember 30

    Hi, when I use my Nokia 700 with regular phones (placed near my ear), everything works fine. But when I use speakerphone, the other party does not hear me good. There are frequent voice drops, regardless of the distance from my mouth or phone positio

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