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x800xt dual 1.42 not working

  • Graphics Card for G5 Dual 2 (June 2004)November 30

    I was going to buy an x800 XT card for my G5 Dual 2, but I heard that it has been discontinued. What are the best options for this Mac?search hi and lo as this is your best (cost effectiveness) option ... there is a quadro (??) from nvidia, but it is

  • Web Gallery Export BugNovember 30

    When exporting web galleries the default copyright line has an added character in it. It looks like this: Photographs: © 2006 Is anyone else experiencing this bug as well, or is it just me? And is there any way to avoid it, without having to go into

  • Ghosting problem 23ACDNovember 30

    My 23" ACD was sleeping for over 6 hours and when I wake it, there's horrible ghosting. http://fhproductions.net/Images/ACD1.jpg After an hour of use, (and changing the desktop background) the problem is still there. http://fhproductions.net/Images/A

  • Reccomendations for x800xt radeon card wthe dual link and DVI?October 11

    I was very unarmed when I posted my last question. I know know that the radeon x800xt MAC Edition is a dual link DVI and has one Apple DVC. I guess I can go two ways with this: 1. I can get an ADC to DVI converter and run another monitor 2. or I can

  • Help installing Radeon X800XT in Dual 2ghz G%November 30

    Thought it would be simple. But the instructions were very lacking. Anyway, removed the old OEM card, installed the new card, hooked up the monitors and powered the baby up. Nothing but blue screens...mouse works but nothing else. So I repeated the t

  • New system, MSI X800XT PCI-E IssuesOctober 11

    Hi there! I just bought a new motherboard, new ram, new cpu and new videocard and was eagerly wanting to set this stuff up.   My system is now as follows: Motherboard: MSI 925X Neo-54G CPU: P4 3.40Ghz (1 Mb L2 Cache) (Socket 775) RAM: 1 GByte DDR2 53

  • Dual G5 1.8 GHz screen/keyboard freezes (new with 10.4.6)October 11

    Three times in the past month the screen and keyboard on my dual 1.8 GHz G5 (first generation) have "frozen" as I closed windows or Command-tabbed between running applications. When the screen and keyboard are frozen, the menubar clock does not

  • Display sleep with dual monitor setupOctober 11

    I'm running a 17" studio display and a 20" studio display as a two momitor setup on a dual G5 2.0. The menu bar is on the 17". Unless I have display sleep in energy saver set to never, the 17" will go to sleep at the interval set in th

  • [SOLVED] Trying to get dual monitor Xrandr to run on startupOctober 11

    I found several posts with trying to get an Xrandr script on startup but their solution doesn't seem to work. Running Arch + XFCE + SLiM with ati open source drivers when running xrandr --output HDMI-0 --right-of DVI-1 in terminal my dual monitor set

  • Ati Radeon X800XTOctober 11

    I have an ATI Radeon X800XT video card. Is it possible to connect my two new 23" Cinema displays (DVI) to it? I know I can connect to the ADC with an adapter, but what about the Dual-link connection? Also, do I lose performance? Thank you.Yes, it wil

  • Dual 23" ACD OddityNovember 30

    Hoping someone can recognize this issue. I'll be succinct. Dual 2 G5 PPC with Radeon X800XT Card and Matrox MXO. Recently, the displays have started acting "funny" not in a ha-ha way. When I cursor from one display to the next ther is a "sh

  • Will Radeon x800xt support  30" ACD plus a 23"ACDNovember 30

    I have a dual 2ghz G5 tower with an ATI Radeon x800xt graphics card. Will the system support two Apple Cinema Displays simultaneously: a 30" plus a 23""?According to ATI, the X800XT has one dual link DVI port (for the 30" ACD) and one

  • New X800XT, poor performanceNovember 30

    I just upgraded from a Radeon 9600 (only 64mb) to a Radeon X800XT (256 mb) expecting to see a big improvement in performance, but I can see no improvement at all. I get the same hesitations when viewing Hi resolution video, and Maya hardware renders

  • Graphics Card shortage for G5 Dual 2.0 GHz?November 30

    This is more a comment maybe out of frustration than anything. Sorry. I have a G5 Tower Dual 2.0 GHz with ATI 9800 Pro w/128 Ram. 1.5 Meg of memory. Been a Apple/Mac supporter for over 20+ years. If anyone has any suggestions as you read on, please l

  • Best video card for a Power Mac G5 Dual 1.8 GHzNovember 30

    What is the best video card I can upgrade to with my Power Mac G5 Dual 1.8 GHz? Thanks, JeffHi- The best is probably the one that you can find..... getting hard to find Mac 8x AGP cards..... Best OEM cards are (were) Radeon 850XT, Radeon X800XT, Gefo

  • GeForce 7600GS on a dual 1.8ghz G5November 30

    Does the GeForce 7600GS work on my Powermac G5 1.8ghz dual? http://inwarehouse.se/Product.aspx?prd=1180382&node=503Sorry, but it won't work. Video cards must be Mac versions in order to work, and there is no Mac version of the 7600GS. You need a card

  • Help!! What kind of graphics card can I upgrad my G5 1.8ghz dual?November 30

    Can anyone help me to find a graphics card for my G5 Tower 1.8Ghz dual core in order to install final cut studio2 and be able to use all of the software? My cpu came with NVDia GeForceFX 5200 (not Ultra). Which Graphics card can I use or should I use

  • Native white point for Mac on Dual 23" DisplaysNovember 30

    I just tried yet again to calibrate my Dual 23" displays and get rid of a yellow cast that showed up from calibration ****. The monitors are pretty close in color and I am using the Eye One Match Display calibrator. This unit is a couple years old (W

  • Need videocard that supports dual monitors and Rotation -for PowerMac G5November 30

    I'm looking for a videocard that supports dual monitors and Rotation for PowerMac G5. I've got two Dell 2407WFP monitors rotated to 90 -I've been running an ATI Radeon X1900 256 pcie16 but apparently it is over heating -not even exactly sure if that

  • Dual 2.0 GHz. G5/Fastest Graphics CardNovember 30

    Hello, my sister is looking to upgrade the graphics card that is currently in her dual 2.0GHz. G5 (June 2004) Model Number: A1047. Right now it has the 64MB GeForce FX 5200. They obviously don't manufacture cards for that anymore, but I'd like to fin

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