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x220 keyboard flex

  • Which part of the machine is related to the keyboard flex problem ?October 11

    Mine is T420s And I got a keyboard flex problem. Actually which part is related to this problem ? Isn't it inclusive to fix this problem in the warranty ? thxMine doesn't exhibit any keyboard flex and I don't think it's a common issue with T420s; any

  • X220 keyboard - broken middle trackpoint buttonNovember 30

    The middle trackpoint button of my keyboard stopped to work (it has to be pressed very hard). I took picture of it showing what exactly was broken. Notice that the black plastic part got separated from the base metal plate causing the middle button s

  • W530 keyboard flexNovember 30

    Hello, Previously I have posted a question concerning replacing the keyboard on the W530, even though this has nothing to do with the issue I am experiencing now. I am aware of the fact that I am not the only one that is experiencing keyboard flex in

  • T420s keyboard flexNovember 30

    Hey, Sorry about questions about my newly arrived T420si but I have another quick question: There is some minor keyboard flex  at the upper right corner around backspace and especially delete keys. Is this normal? I know all crappy laptops have keybo

  • U510 Keyboard FlexNovember 30

    I just have to say that the keyboard flex on the u510 is terrible....why would such a low quality keyboard be allowed to ship? I tested it the other day and hated it...Hi Bebbed,                            Welcome to Lenovo Community!         As per

  • GT683 Keyboard Flex IssueNovember 30

    I  purchased a GT683 on 7/16 and had to exchange it the same day. The keyboard would flex to a large degree pressing any key left of F or on the number pad. The flex was so great that keys would get stuck. The replacement is much better, but the numb

  • Re: GT683 Keyboard Flex Issue ( vibration noise)November 30

    I have a MSI GT683 and when I listen to music my keyboard makes a noise. I think it is from the bass ( the keys are vibrating ). Does anyone have this problem?  Edited titleQuote from: ATOMANT on 19-July-11, 02:07:08 I just bought a GX680 and most of

  • MSI GT72 keyboard flexingNovember 30

    Hi guys, I've got MSI GT72 with GTX880 and noticed that keyboard flexes when pressing E, R, D, F, X, C and V keys. I.e. when I press D all other mentioned keys move slightly as well. I don't even have to press, just touch one of these keys. It doesn'

  • Dear Lenovo, keyboard flex ...November 30

    I noticed with the T500 I purchased there existed some keyboard flex. I got sort of used to it. One of the keys broke (my own doing). I replaced the keyboard from my old T60 (FRU No: 42T3209). Wow! What a huge difference. The old design is superior i

  • How to fix keyboard flex on envy laptopsNovember 30

    I own two laptops all from hp and I bought them at the same time. The HP ENVY 15-j051nr and the HP ENVY 17-j029nr all with amazing specs and performance.<br><br>But my main issue that bothers me seriously is the keyboard flex. The keyboard of

  • T520 tingling sound + keyboard flexNovember 30

    Hi, Tingling Sound: Anytime I've the laptop at a 45+ degree angle (like using while in bed), I start to hear this slight crackling sound coming from the left side (left vent/back area).  Has anyone experienced this on theirs? Keyboard Flex: So, the q

  • T61 Keyboard flex / pressure affect DVD drive?November 30

    Hi all, I read in one of the posts that on a T61 there might be "minor keyboard flex" just above the DVD-drive, which i can confirm, though "minor" is vaguely spoken in my case. The FRU of my keyboard is #42t3218 and thus an ALPS-model

  • Keyboard Flex on 1 sideNovember 30

    Hello, I was just wondering if someone could help explain a possible reason on why there is flex on 1 side of the keyboard (particularly on the following keys: -Caps Lock, A, S ,D ,) . The other side of the keyboard is sturdy and good. I would like t

  • T430 keyboard flex?November 30

    I recently got a T430 and noticed there is some flex on the left side of the keyboard, and also in the area of the trackpoint. It makes the keys there sound slightly more "hollow" than on the right side where there is no flex. It's a minor issue

  • Flex 2-14 keyboard flexing in the center and left. Keys not registering.November 30

    Hello Lenovo Community, I recieved my Flex 2-14 about 2 weeks ago. Right after I took it out and began using it I noticed the keyboard was really "flexing" when typing, especially in the middle and left side. Also, when typing, sometimes the key

  • T500 Keyboard flex problemNovember 30

    After comparing a few laptops I decided to buy a Lenovo T500 (2082-8WG), convinced of the unbeatable quality and support. However, I was unpleasantly surprised by the flex keyboard (left site), like mentioned already here on several posts. Is there s

  • X220 keyboard - space bar is loudNovember 30

    The space bar on the keyboard of my new x220 is rather loud, much louder than the space bar on my x61s or x31.  It's quite audible when I push it and louder on release.  Also, the left Alt key is louder than the right Alt key. I reseated the keyboard

  • X220 Keyboard problemNovember 30

    I just received my new X220, and I noticed that keyboard is not properly adjusted, left side of the keyboard is slightly swinging when I press keys on that part and makes louder and strange sound while right side is so quite and nice. anybody had thi

  • X200 Keyboard Flex/ClackNovember 30

    Just received my x200, and I've noticed theres some flex in various regions of the keyboard, its the worst in the upper right and around the enter key. When I press L for example I can see the 9, 0, +/= keys etc moving quite a bit as well. Theres not

  • U350 - Any Keyboard flex (space bar)?November 30

    Hi, My U350's space bar feels particularly flimsy compared to the other keys. It appears that my space bar area is 'buckled' upward. I can push down on the space bar (the keys flexes downward for at least 1 mm) and make it go flatter, which gives it

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