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x201i turns on then turns off

  • X server crashes randomly on ThinkPad X201i with GNOME2 as desktop envNovember 30

    Hi folks, I installed archlinux with gnome2 on my new X201i, which has intel graphic chip. But the gnome2 (i.e., the xorg server) randomly crashes, quitting to command line suddenly, with all my work lost! The sad thing is, I manually 'startx' after

  • X201i Win XP SP3 Blue Screen on DeathNovember 30

    Dear Support Team,  I have a problem for my X201i. I'm use Win XP SP3 for this notebook. the Bluetooth application is not active and I try to restart and go to bios mode for enable Bluetooth using F9 (set bios default) and restart again. and the prob

  • X201i Battery movement issueNovember 30

    Hello, I recently bought a x201i (3249MDU) with 6-cell battery and I am seeing a slight movement on the battery. The battery giggles about 1-1.5mm. Could someone please tell me if this is a issue with x201 or do i need to have this battery replaced t

  • X201i 1st year report; warranty disappointmentNovember 30

    I got a X201i last summer. I immediately took out the hard drive into an external case as backup storage and put in a SSD to run Arch Linux. It was a steep learning curve but after not too long had everything working on it except the volume buttons (

  • X201i Outlook 2010 issuesNovember 30

    hi all Just bought my new X201i with 4gb RAM, but can't say I'm very impressed with start up speeds or program running. I'll probably get another 4 gb of RAM to see if this helps - and perhaps an SSD when I can afford one... my real problem though is

  • Replacing ThinkPad X201i 12.1" screen.November 30

    Hi, The screen for my X201i 12.1" is broken and I want to replace it. What are screens that will be compatible with that laptop so that I can buy them online and fit them myself? Are they compatible with other 12" screens of other models or is t

  • Dissapointed vibration X201iNovember 30

    i'd bought a X201i on 28th july 2010. the brand new unit always in vibration since it first started. i was thinking to get a new replacement unit but due to lenovo'POLICY'. no such things like replacement immediately once u get a defect unit. i have

  • X201i is about to go in the dumpsterNovember 30

    Just about had it with this thing; x201i x64 on Win7 (less than a year old) - bluescreen errors upon waking from sleep -- been doing this since i got it (near as i recollect). - issue with intel (r) hd driver and wudfrd.sys -- not sure when this bega

  • X201i 3G internal sim problemsNovember 30

    Hello, I have a lenovo x201i with a sim adapter behind the battery, I have put in a vodaphone 3g sim card and installed the vodafone software but it will not detect a device? If the laptop has the sim reader built in does this mean it also has the mo

  • X201i turns itself off instantlyNovember 30

    Our X201i 3323 BTG turns itself off now and then. It looks like a hardware problem because it turns off instantly without any wobble from Windows 7 32-bit. The latest BIOS version and the latest drivers are installed. So far, it never happened when t

  • Will just any SSD work on my X201iNovember 30

    Hi I was planning to get upcoming Intel G3 SSD for my Lenovo X201i. Just recently I heard that there could be a firmwire defining, what SSDs you can install to your Lenovo notebook. Is this true? Can I install just any standard 2,5" Sata SSD or are t

  • Intel Management Engine version on ThinkPad X201i w/ Windows 8.1November 30

    I am having problems with my TP X201i CTO (freezes, very poor battery time) and have been trying to figure what is wrong. Have reinstalled the OS several times, but makes no difference. I now noticed that I have Intel Management Engine version 6.2.50

  • X201i - external display flickersOctober 11

    I've had this problem since the first day I got it. I don't think it's my monitor's problem since it's the same situation on two different displays. I'm running windows XP. Today I decided I can't live with it. I've tried everything I got from online

  • 'devices and printers' (Win 7) not working on X201iNovember 30

    I am running Win7 64 bits. When I try to go into control panel and access 'devices and printers' everything gets stuck in a loop and I never even get to the stage where the next window is displayed. I read somewhere that it had to do with Bluetooth s

  • Thinkpad X201i Display problemNovember 30

    I got my X20i in 2010 and after a year I noticed some problems with the display. Initially, while viewing some clips, often the display will randomly go black, some flashes and a small bubble will pop out and say something like "Virtual Memory is low

  • Thinkpad X201i wierd soundNovember 30

    I have test the system health check but no hardware error found. I had a problem with one weird 'tak' sound. System running Windows 7 is running as usual but I left it for about an hour and I touch it by lift it up or move it then I heard 'tak' sound

  • Can I downgrade the BIOS on my X201i?November 30

    Does anybody know if it is possible/advisable to "update" one's BIOS to a previous version? That is, are there additional problems involved with downgrading the BIOS than the common risks with BIOS upgrades?  What I'm considering doing is downgr

  • X201i how hot is normal?November 30

    How hot is normal?  At times the bottom of my laptop (on the left side)  gets too hot to be able to touch it for any length of time -so can't have it on my lap. During that period the air blown out from the vent is  very hot too.  Anyone experiencing

  • X121e very poor performanc​eOctober 11

    Hi, I bought and got yesterday new X121e 3051-62G with pre-installed Windows 7 system. Prevously I have X201i 3323-BTG and R60 9456-HTG. Problem with my new one started right after 1st installation reboot. Here are the symtoms: Windows boot takes abo

  • External ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint issues with scroll (55Y9003) and hotkeys on a x201October 11

    Hello Once more there is a glitch with the drivers for this external keyboard 55Y9003. I have the drivers: for the ultranav system of the x201 1.10 for the external keyboard My system is XP sp3. The keyboard of the x201is fine relative to

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