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wrt300n v2 smb server config

  • Emailing a link to a file on an SMB serverOctober 11

    How do you create a link to a file on an SMB server, to send to other people (e.g. in email)? In a large corporation with mixed Mac/Windows network we use Samba to allow Mac OS X 10.6 to access the file servers. This works fine for basic operations s

  • VI Server Config in LV 8.0October 11

    Greetings All, I've recently installed LV 8.0, and have been starting the process of porting a distributed application (with an RT component) into a LV 8.0 project. So far, it hasn't been too promising. One of the main stumbling blocks appears to be 

  • SBS 2011 VM and Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V host. After rebuilding the host image, no email is received, EMC states "You don't have sufficient permissions to view this data" when looking at organization config. Server config not shown on EMC.October 11

    Hyper-V Host Server 2012 R2 x64 drive c: All VMs, including SBS 2011 Standard x64 are on drive d: I replaced my motherboard and defined a Marvell RAID 1 Mirror for my boot drive C:.  My drive D: containing all of my Hyper V machines remained untouche

  • Possible to add and persist elements in server config, for use by cons ext?November 30

    I'm considering what will be my obstacles if I try to write a console extension that we would use to view excerpts of an application log file, the application of which is deployed to each server in our domain(s). It doesn't log to the WebLogic server

  • Error when trying to open 'Hyperion FDM App Server Config Manager'November 30

    Hi, When I am trying to open FDM App Server Config Manager/Load Balance configuration/Task Manager configuration,I am getting the below error ' COM object with CLS ID-{xxxxx} is either not valid or nor registered' Could any one explain me what this e

  • Can a SMB (server message block) be used as our file share in clustered OSB/SOA instance instead of a NAS?November 30

    We like to know if a SMB (server message block) will be adequate as our file share as opposed to a NAS. The SMB will be used for hosting files (e.g.: plan.xml, jms persistent stores, adapter control files, property files, binary files,...) that our s

  • Content server - config?November 30

    Dear all, I am working on DMS with Content server. Particullarly now in CONTENT server CONFIG. Any one could kindly help me out with the procedure and documents. Regards, John.Dear Ronald, Just now saw your reply.Thanx for the care. I was working in

  • Error when opening files using SMB serverNovember 30

    I'm trying to download files using a Windows SMB server, but it does not work properly. I'm using a VPN connection to access the server. I already added smb protocol in my system preferences (using 'more internet'), but when I'm trying to open a file

  • On linux, Acrobat Reader will not open files on SMB serverNovember 30

    I try double clicking a file on a network SMB server in Nautilus on Ubuntu and Acrobat reader starts but does not open the file. What's going on? AlexHi Alex,<br /><br />Just for confirmation, have you opened the Windows share in Nautilus dire

  • How to View BI Server Config parameters with JconsoleNovember 30

    Hi Experts I want to examine the OBIEE 10g Server config params using the JConsole. I tried to start the Java agent by, navigating to the directory *"<oraclebi home>\systemdmanagement"*, and issuing the command *"runagent".* I gu

  • Is it safe to edit /Library/Server/Config/ from outside Server.app?November 30

    I want to add a virtual_mailbox_domains directive to /Library/Server/Config/Mail/postfix/main.cf for postfix.  Is that safe to do?  Will my changes be retained across  version updates?AnalogKid wrote: I want to add a virtual_mailbox_domains directive

  • Can't connect to SMB serverNovember 30

    Hi! I have trouble with connection to my smb server on debian. When I try to connect from "connect to server" menu, I get this error: URLs with the type "smb:" are not supported". Now I can connect only with bash command. But few

  • SQL Server Config Manager, Windows Administration Tools, Manage Computer and Task ManagerNovember 30

    I want to cross check the SQL Server Config Manager, Windows Administration Tools, Manage Computer and Task Manager for running of SQL SERVER. I stop SQLEXPRESS instance in one of the above tools but the others become unaware of the latest changes ex

  • Netpoint BussinessOne Syych Manager , Error occues at Server ConfigNovember 30

    I am getting an error at when click on try connection button of Server Config First Error Error: COM object with CLSID {A355004F-AAB4-41D3-BDE0-7EAED1ED5FFF} is either not valid or not registered. Second Error I also get an error when clicking on ins

  • Stuffit issues with an SMB server? Running 10.7.3November 30

    I use a MBP running 10.7.3. I need to use Stuffit to stuff things to an SMB server. Whenever I try, it gives me error #17527 (insufficient access privileges). Any idea how this could be resolved? We used to use an AFP version of the same server, but

  • JRUN Upgrade for Web Server Config ToolNovember 30

    Recently, I applied the latest connector update discussed in APSB07-02. Today, I attempted to create a connector to my new CF cluster and get the following error when using the Web Server Config tool: "The JRun server(s) found on host must

  • Home folder is on an AFP or SMB serverNovember 30

    OK, I'm sick of this. As of 6pm tonight...1 hour after I went home...No user can logon. They get the message "The users home folder is located on an AFP or SMB server. Please contact the system administraror." Well, being the system administrato

  • Unable to connect to smb serverNovember 30

    I'm not a very technical person, so please bear with me. I have a mac in a windows enviroment. I used to connect to smb server where I had my "private" hard disk space. Or a user interface if you wish. It's the same "place" that I can

  • Any news about Mountain Lion not closing open files / folders on smb server shares?November 30

    Hey Apple, anyone listening? Are there any new about this issue, where Mac clients cannot move/edit/rename each others files and folders on a smb server share? We are a graphics work group in an otherwise Windows-centered enterprise. We have mac clie

  • Setting "Send Unencrypted Password to Connect to Third-Part SMB Server "November 30

    HFM version OS: Windows Server for Web, App and DB "Send Unencrypted Password to Connect to Third-Part SMB Server " is set to enable in Web server. (For App server and DB server are set to disable.) This setting is necessary for HFM or

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