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WMTORD trigger

  • Output determination for Transfer Order(WMTORD)November 30

    Hi Friends,   My Requirement is to send an idoc to an external warehouse when i save Transfer Order.   For that i have created a Partner Profile with message type WMTORD.   When i save the transfer Order if the warehouse number and storage type match

  • Getting error message FRM-40700:No such trigger: SPECIAL20October 11

    Hi, We have designed a custom report (Quote) and would like to use Special Menu's(Reports Menu) to open this custom Report. When I try to open this Report using REPORTS->Quote, The Report is opening seccuessfully but i am getting following error mess

  • How do I use a push button digital trigger with my 6034E DAQ board?October 11

    I am only a Lab View toddler. I am currently using a push button, wired to PFIO/TRIG1 and DGND, with a anolog trigger. However noise is causing my program to be triggered. I was told that a digital trigger would help to reduce the random triggering.

  • Link to trigger a .pdf or .doc file to show in presentationOctober 11

    I would like to add a link that would trigger the showing of a .pdf file or a .doc file within the presentation itself. I can do this in powerpoint. There must be some way to do this in Keynote, but I can't figire out how to do this. Thanks for any i

  • Error in execuitng a triggerOctober 11

    I am getting the following error in executing while executing the "dropping the trigger " , "creating a trigger " . or executing any stored proc . Please advise . I am on 10g Release 2 on Redhat linux . SQL> drop trigger logon_trigg

  • Error while creating a simple trigger in Oracle8i LiteOctober 11

    Hi, I have Oracle8i Lite release 4.0. I want to create a simple trigger on 8i Lite. first I created .java file and got the .class file after successful compilation. The .class file is sitting in my local C:\ drive. I have a table having only two colu

  • Issue in Invoking an Updatable View with Instead of TriggerOctober 11

    Hi, I am trying to insert a record using Updatable View with Instead of Trigger. When i try to save the data, i get the below error: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01403: no data found ORA-06512: at line 1 at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CTTIoer.processError(T4C

  • Multiple Rows Update / Refresh Toplink Query when database trigger involvedOctober 11

    Hi everybody! I have two easy troubles for you; the platform is the same as the SRDemo Toplink version. 1.     Multiple Rows Update: I want to update with mergeEntity method, multiple rows for an isolated table; that method receives a parameter that

  • Can "trigger" management be addressed in the data modeler?October 11

    Please add an easier way to add/modify triggers. I reverse-engineered my model into the data modeler and my triggers all migrated correctly to the model but, for the life of me, had no idea how to view, modify or create triggers.  After extensive res

  • Can not select from gv$ table in trigger...please help.October 11

    I have the following SQL in my trigger which I am using in mt cursor. cursor sessioninfo is     SELECT s.LOGON_TIME,            i.INSTANCE_NAME,            s.SERIAL#,            s.MACHINE,            s.PROGRAM,            s.MODULE       FROM gv$SESSI

  • Inserting into a table which is created "on the fly" from a triggerOctober 11

    Hello all, I am trying to insert into a table from a trigger in Oracle form. The table name however, is inputted by the user in am item form. here is what the insert looks like: insert into :table_name values (:value1, :value2); the problem is that f

  • Insert old missing data from one table to another(databaase trigger)October 11

    Hello, i want to do two things 1)I want to insert old missing data from one table to another through a database trigger but it can't be executed that way i don't know what should i do in case of replacing old data in table_1 into table_2 2)what shoul

  • HSDIO conditionally fetch hardware compare sample errors (script trigger to flag whether or not to wait for software trigger)October 11

    I am moderately new to Labview and definitely new to the HSDIO platform, so my apologies if this is either impossible or silly! I am working on a system that consists of multiple PXI-6548 modules that are synchronized using T-CLK and I am using hardw

  • Start and Stop Trigger using PXI-6120 and DigitalSta​rtAndStopT​rigger.vi not working :-(October 11

    Hello, I've been trying for a while now to get my PXI unit to capture a waveform between a Start and Stop (Reference) Trigger using the NI example DigitalStartAndStopTrigger.vi downloaded from the NI website. However, whilst the start trigger and sto

  • Unable to trigger my eventOctober 11

    dear experts,                         I need to add some extra features to title bar of my alv report.i got some documents and iam trying on that.Here in my program its displaying the newly created icon but when i click on that icon its not displayin

  • Trigger inserting CLOB in remote databaseOctober 11

    I ma using an after insert row level trigger to replicate a table into a remote database which has a CLOB column. This is not Oracle Replication, only a trigger. I have attempted numerous paths to achieve this with only partial successes. Is there a

  • Using Database Change Notification instead of After Insert TriggerOctober 11

    Hello guys! I have an after insert trigger that calls a procedure, which in turn is doing an update or insert on another table. Due to mutating table errors I declared the trigger and procedure as autonomously transactional. The problem is, that old

  • Instead of trigger example - INSERT works but UPDATE and DELETE does not?October 11

    Below is a demostration script of what I am trying to troubleshoot. Tests are done on 10gR2; conn system/system drop table tt purge ; create table tt nologging as select * from all_users ; alter table tt add constraint pk_tt_user_id primary key (user

  • How to trigger a pop-up on click of dial button on IC web UI  - CRM 7.0October 11

    I want to enahcne the standard button 'Dial' that is displayed on Interaction center web UI. I am trying to show a custom popup with list of phone numbers of the BP for the sales agent to select from. I created the custom component to display the dat

  • BRF+ Trigger via Event, change on field value, etcOctober 11

    Hi, I'm implenting BRF+ for SPM Claims & Returns Process. It took me a while to understand how I can set up an application, Function from type event, Rulesets, rules, etc but at the end it seems that it is a tremendous improvement compared to BRF! So

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